Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Something made, and something to give (away) !

Hello people,

I hope you are having lovely weeks.

I have not progressed with my Sencha, I am going to continue with that at the weekend. But I am feeling very smug as I wore my Ginger today ! I love it sooo much. It is quite a feeling, wearing something I have made myself.

I do need to do something with the waistband, as its too big and flares out. But this is a minor hitch, hidden well by a wide belt   :-)    I cant wait to make some more, and have been looking at my fabric stash to see what to make my next Ginger with. Its very exciting !

I did finish a patchwork cushion though.It was actually made with the intention of gifting it to an old work colleague. I even made it with fabrics she would love (they are so not my own choice).  However, time is a great loser of things, and sadly I have not spoken to her for well over a year due to changes in jobs etc. As such I am going to keep it ! Wow is that selfish ?!

Here she is (the cushion, not the colleague !)

(please excuse her un-ironed state ! The creases don't seem so bad until you photograph them !!)

Uh oh ! even my fresh bedding looks slightly worse for wear ! Note to self, must put the washing away FOLDED, rather than just shove it in the cupboard in a ball !!

I do like this though  :-)    I made the patchwork in strips, and the sewed them together along the length. Turned out pretty good, but was quite time consuming.

To make amends for my selfish behaviour, and rebalance karma I AM going to give something away !

Ta da !

She's a piece of Cath Kidston, measuring 21 inches x 18.5 inches. (is that a fat quarter ?)

I know she is not massive, but she IS pretty  :-)   I love her alot, but feel that she could do better than just laying about in a bag. I want to see her used in a fabulous way ! (or at least used).

Here is another pose

Again - please excuse my crumpled bed.

I know its not the most ground quaking give away, but it does mean lots to me as I LOVE this little piece of fabric.        :-))

All you need to do to win my pretty is leave me a comment on this post by midnight (UK time) on Saturday 10th September.

The winner will be picked at random, but it would be nice if you felt you could share what you might use a small, pretty piece of fabric like this for. I would love to hear what you might do with it.

I am happy to post to anywhere (obviously within the realms of possibility - aliens need not apply !)

Please also leave your contact details if they are not on your blog.

In other news I am busy working on my last assignment for this uni module, and am looking forward to October when my exams are done and I am FREE TO SEW !!

I also had my bank account hacked a couple of days ago, and I tell you, the person who used my details certainly had fun ! I'm guessing MUCH more than I have had trying to get it sorted.  (oooops is it Karma for keeping the cushion ?)

To be fair, my bank has been pretty good about it, but it is a pain not having access to my bank, or a debit card ! People, look after your details !!

Right so, off to work on my assignment, see you on the other side,

K xxx


  1. I would love that fabric ! I would use it to make a really cool eye mask, or use it as a facing in a denim skirt that I am currently making, it would bring a smile to my face to know that it was there ! Thanks !

  2. Hey they sound like great ideas. If you win you will have to leave me your contact details so that I can post it to you !! :-))