Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Piping and new stuff !

Hello friends,

I am working on the ginger still, but I had to wait for the following to arrive in order to make the job of making piping a little easier.

I am exceptionally pleased with these purchases !

I could not resist cutting the corner off some fabric, my word the blade is sharp ! I was totally blown away !

This is the fabric that I am making piping out of for my ginger...

Friends, I am EXCITED !

Here are a triple of absolutely brilliant you tube vids on making piping, this lady's example is for a chair cushion, but the process is the same for any piping.

This woman is a legend, and see how she joins all of her bias pieces together ! She shows time no mercy ! Absolutely spot on skills for a sometime seamstress.

People, I have been very lucky, its my birthday on Friday and Mr P has purchased me a Babylock 750 overlocker/serger, and a dressmaking dummy. Excited ? Moi ??

I have bought batting to pad the dummy out, and I am excited about turning Dolly into Kirsty ! (in body shape at least - no more awkward back fitting for me - collette crepe you will be mine !)

Unfortunately the overlockers telescopic rod was broken in transit, but as she was half price I am keeping her and will just replace the rod. I am excited about using her - and I will share more with you once she is up and running. Of course, as it is not officially my birthday yet, I am not allowed to play with these new toys until Friday so no photos yet.

As it is my birthday I treated myself at Heathcotes (of course) and I will share the new purchases with you soon. I also bought rotary cutting blades, babylock serger feet, a bottle of pink champagne, a square curve and a double tracing wheel ! Its turning into a tailors shop in here, a tailors shop without (so far) any garment output.   ;-)

In other news I have been harvesting blueberries from the garden this last week, its all very exciting !

I hope you are all happy and well,

K xxx

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