Saturday, 20 August 2011

Birthday presents


I thought I would share some of my birthday gifts with you. I am a very lucky lady.  Love you Mr P ! xx

People -------------- Here's Dolly !!

I know Dolly is going to be properly useful in my forthcoming sewing adventures. I love her already  :-)  The brilliant thing about her is that she is not at all body conscious ! What a wonderful way to be  ;-)

I was also VERY VERY lucky to receive this next gift.....

An overlocker ! Pheweeeeee !!!

I sourced her on Ebay - she was half the price of the exact same model currently selling in the shops. Her telescopic rod was broken in transit (the lady that sold her to me did a wonderful job of packing her - I think it was the delivery boys that mistreated her !), but Mr P bought a new rod for a tenner, and then promptly fixed it !
Ta da ! She is perfect.

The only trouble was after fixing her up, I had to thread her. Friends, to be honest I had heard horror story's about threading these things, and I was scared. But I can happily report that it was not difficult at all. Time consuming and fiddly yes, but difficult, no. I was super pleased as I secretly thought I may have received a gift that I may never be able to use. Now she does not scare me at all.

I was very proud of myself. We tested her out, even Mr P had a go. We are smitten !

I obviously bought myself some gifts (well why not), and here they are....

I have already got plans for all these fabrics. This time I took patterns along to the store, and it helped loads in choosing; usually I just amble about and buy random stuff.

I hope you are all having wonderful weekends, I know I am  :-)   Being a year older is not that bad after all.

K xxx

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