Sunday, 21 August 2011

It's done !

People. Its 2.17 am, UK time, and I have just finished the Ginger ! It needs hemming, so I have just put it on Dolly to hang overnight, then I will hem it in the morning.

Oh its been a battle, this is my first proper 'me made' garment. There are things I could improve upon, the zipper for example. I need to practice my zipper skills. Really.

I did start to hand sew the facing down, but got bored and top stitched by machine instead. I need to work on finishes. These skills will all come in time though, of that I am certain. I am certain because even Mr P was impressed with my first bona fide homemade garment. This means I now have the confidence to blast forward; and all because my first garment is actually wearable !

I don't know what's happened to the waistband, as it appears to be wider than the skirt waist (although the pieces were cut and pinned and at that point matched perfectly). I'm blaming the loosely woven furnishing fabric for that one. I have a wide belt which I always planned to wear with the skirt, but now I pretty much wont have the choice NOT to wear the belt. Never mind.

Friends, the skirt is not perfect, there are things I will do better next time. But you know what ? I am EXCITED ! I literally cant wait to wear it tomorrow at my brothers wedding. And, making this skirt has saved me the bother of having to go and buy an expensive outfit in the morning. I am OFFICIALLY THRIFTY.

So, I bet you cant wait to see it right ? Well you will have to wait until tomorrow, I will get Mr P to take a snap of it in an ensemble. Then you can see the good overall picture, rather than the individual small imperfections.

I so cant wait to share with you.

Until then,

K xxx

I bet

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  1. YAY! CONGRATS on your first me-made outfit! I cannot wait to see it!!!