Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Sorry for my absence !

Hola beautiful people,

Sorry its been a while - I have had other things to do before I could even consider finding time for blogging. But - the assignment has been submitted and I feel I may well be up for a little sewing action tomorrow.

I think I may cut the fabric for my Ginger - and although I may not get it sewn up tomorrow - it will be a step nearer to an actual finished garment ! Tres excitemon ! I am in court tomorrow so as I am in Barsntaple I may well call into the newly found fabric shop ! I will share any purchases with you   :-)

I have decided to add a waistband on my Ginger, but it will be a narrow one - I am not sure that with my body shape, a humongous waistband will be the most flattering of styles - and as such I will hopefully design my own thin waistband. How hard can it be, right ? (Famous last words I know). I have been checking out some tutorials on you tube and making a waistband looks pretty easy. I am just trying to make up my mind whether to use sew in facing or fusible ? As I have never used either before it is sure to be a lesson whichever I choose.

Other news, my mini orchard STILL has not arrived - but I did receive some (rather manky to be fair) tomato plants and 3 blueberry plants. The garden is definitely getting greener.

I hope you all had cracking weekends, and the week so far has been kind to you.

K xxx

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