Sunday, 12 June 2011

It's wet outside

In fact - its absolutely P133ING down !!!

And I have a stinking cold.

Friends, today could be better (I could feel well, it could be 80 degrees and Friday evening), but I am going to make it better. Yesterday I worked on the Ginger. I cut out all of the pieces from the fashion fabric (and sewed around the edges of each piece with a weird zig zag stitch -which took forever - I defo need a serger), I pre shrunk my fusible interfacings, and I interlined 2 of the 4 skirt sections with an old Egyptian cotton sheet.

Today I plan to finish the interlining (which I am having a little difficulty with as the sections don't appear to be exactly the same size), iron on the facings and get the pieces sewn together. I may even attempt the zip. This will all be dependant on time as I also have studying to do, and washing for the week, and its already 1 pm here in good old rainy blighty.

I will share some pictures with you later of the Ginger construction.

In other news - Mr P and I tried to fix the many leaks in 'le camper' with gaffer tape. I will surely see when I step outside and into the van whether our efforts have been rewarded with a dry van.

***update - alas the van still leaks around the windscreen. DRAT !!***

K xxx

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