Wednesday, 29 June 2011

P P P Pilton !!


Well, its been a while since I posted - but I have been sooo busy ! Not sewing, unfortunately. My Ginger skirt remains unfinished. Boo. But I fancy I will have more time to sew once my current OU course finishes, and then I will be creating wonderful garments left, right and flippin centre, lol.

I have been busy studying and getting ready for Glastonbury. But I am back now.

I love festivals, but I must admit, I don't enjoy them quite so much when its been raining and the ground is all boggy. Its difficult to walk about as your boots get stuck, and sometimes you find yourself sinking ! (I think its a little bit to do with the fact that I am getting old now too !)

Here are a few pictures to illustrate my point... (and this was only Wednesday afternoon).

And check this out for an ironic sign   :-))

ha ha - as if !!  ;-))  I dont see any grass, other than a sad little circle around the base of the sign.

Le camper was a dream - and to be fair, the field we camped in was pretty much OK, not too boggy as its on a hill. And, it was a glorious day on Sunday, I got quite a tan !

I love festivals, but its not just the music, its the atmosphere and the camping. And I love all the creative aspects of it too.

You couldn't NOT have a spin of these prayer wheels.

And I loved having to be outside pretty much all of the time as I love sitting outside.

The moon chair was a definite hit - and resulted in much 'chair envy' from fellow campers.

Pimms anyone ?

We didnt get to see as many bands as I would have liked, but we recorded them on the telly box so we can watch them again.

In other news, my mini orchard arrived, and I planted the trees up. To be honest I thought they were all dead. But after getting back from Pilton, 3 of them have revived. I peeled back a tiny bit of bark from the cherry tree and its brown inside and dead as a matchstick. So, I am hoping it will be replaced. The rest of the garden is coming along nicely (compared to how it was) but there is still plenty more that needs doing.

Since we received our new garden furniture, the weather has been appalling, and so I have not really had a chance to use it as yet. But I am hopeful for some nice weather over the next week. I could study outside, if only the sun would come out, and then it would not seem like such a chore.

I have also been VERY impressed with everyone's 'me made June'. Wonderful job ladies. I hope to be able to partake in one of these challenges one day, but at the moment its hard to find the time to finish even 1 garment !! (remember the crepe ? blue flower top ? ginger ?)

I hope to have some sewing news soon. Meanwhile, I will get my creative kicks by checking out all of your wonderful blogs, I really love reading them all. Keep up the good work people !

K xxx

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