Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Bad girl !!

Friends - I need locking up !!

I must NOT be allowed to roam newly found fabric stores unsupervised !

Look what I came home with today.....

I already have plans for the black and yellow :-))  oooh and the brightly coloured flowers too.

I went to Heathcoat fabrics in Tiverton, my word I thought I had died and gone to heaven. There was almost too much and I didn't quite know what to buy as I wanted ALL OF IT.

I will be going there again, for sure. Tiverton is quite a distance from where I live - but I work there at the CAB one day every 2 weeks. I can see a real future for this particular shop and me.

I also bought plain navy buttons for the Sencha and a few zips and spools of threads.

I know you probably all think I am a little mad - all these lovely patterns and all this lush fabric, and not a 'me made' garment in sight. Readers - have faith ! I will get there in the end, and I cant wait to have a wardrobe bursting with handmade delights (not that I have a wardrobe - my clothes are all piled up on the floor like one big massive jumble sale - but you know what I mean).

Maybe having beautifully crafted clothes will give me the push I need to actually purchase a wardrobe !!

No other news today - I didn't do anything else except work and hang around the fabric shop !

Le camper is still at the Dr's, I hope to have a diagnosis soon.

Hope you are all fine and dandy,

K xxx


  1. wow gorgeous fabrics i am loving the purple one at the top the best ;-)) dee x

  2. Thanks ladies ! I love them too - so much ! :-) The first one was a bargain - half price and only £3.99. That's the best bargain ever !!! xx