Thursday, 9 June 2011

Candy !!!

Hello lovely peeps.

Look, look look what I came back to today.  It's like sewers candy !

I know it seems like loads, (it is loads!), but I bought all of them for like 90 bucks from the Vogue website. Each pattern was soooo cheap -  the postage cost the most at 50 bucks. Can you believe each pattern was like 3 bucks. I was too excited and slightly overloaded my virtual shopping trolley.

Man I am EXCITED !!  And some of these even say VERY easy on them. Readers, I am hopeful that this may mean a completed garment. Woop Woop !

Other news - I think my gardenias arrived today - but its hard to tell. Especially as there is no delivery note. I must say I am disappointed with the tomato plants - they arrived looking half dead, and don't seem to have perked up as yet. Ah well, there is still time for them to revive I guess. I must admit, I don't think I would buy anything more from this particular place. Very disappointed thus far. Hey ho, maybe my mini orchard will turn things around (if it ever actually arrives !).

Hope you are all well, and enjoying the peek of sun we are getting this evening.


K xxx

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