Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Belated free pattern month

Hola people

Further to the free pattern from the wonderful Colette patterns - mentioned here, I have trawled the net and discovered that the free pattern was part of a month of kindly blog folk sharing a free pattern every day during that month. You can see the luscious freeness here   :-))

In other news, as I am totally frightened of cutting into my fabric for the Ginger, I have decided to make one more muslin, it cant hurt, and also I want to try lengthening the patten in 2 areas as Sunni suggested, rather than just adding 4 inches in one place. I will trace out the pattern, and cut the muslin tonight; and maybe have a go at the fashion fabric at the weekend.

Its lucky I bought 15 meters of (hideously patterned) white cotton at £2 per meter. So far I have not managed to make any wearable garments at all, and if this muslin making cotton was not as cheap as it was, I would have spent a fortune on muslins, with nothing to actually show for it.

Ahhhhhh I dream of the day when I can actually wear a 'me made' garment !

Happy 'hump day' everyone !

K xxx


  1. You can do it! Good job with your muslin! I look forward to seeing your Ginger!

  2. Thanks Gingermakes - if the final skirt looks as good as yours I will be very pleased :-))