Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Garden bargains

Lol - not of the green variety ! Friends my tomato plants are ALMOST DEAD. And its not because I have more yellow fingers than green (in fact I have neither coloured fingers, but you get my drift).

Look what arrived today !!  A gift from Mr P's lovely mum and delightful uncle ! All pour moi !  :-)  (actually they are joint xmas and birthday gifts for Mr P and me - but I have wanted garden furniture for soooo long, Mr P was not so keen). Mrs P to the rescue ! She said we could have garden furniture as a joint gift and I get to choose !! I liked her reasoning, and her wickedness. Yipppeeeee   :-)  Mrs P is indeed a legend - and look what has been erected during my day at work.....  (by the legend, Mr P)

Delightful non ?.

I have already been sat out there - and I must say I LOVE IT.


And that's that. Now come on sun !!!!!

In other news, Bella (AKA Le Camper) decided today would be an excellent day to break down and not work. AT ALL. I nearly cried. Friends, Mr P and I are off to the Vale of Pilton on Wednesday and now our mobile home is mobile no more.

I have been reliably informed by N from the brilliant W's garage that all will be ship shape and hoi poloi by Tuesday, and readers I am hopeful that this will be the case.

I'm asking you all to keep your fingers crossed that Bella makes a speedy (and cheap) recovery !

I trust your weeks have been ticking along nicely.


K xxx


  1. That is one lovely set of garden furniture ;-) I am praying for the sunshine to come back and also that you get your camper up and running in time, have fun, dee x

  2. Thanks Dee, on all counts ! LOVED the pictures of your friends wedding.Loved the picture of you and your new man :-) The Bride, the bunting, the tables and the cupcakes all looked beautiful xx