Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Semi finished Sencha

Hello there

So, I been working on the Sencha and as you can see I am almost done.

Look at how beautifully Dolly models freshly made garments !

Dolly - ever her body confident self !

Blue ribbon

Neckline opened out ALOT
But I cant continue with the Sencha ! Friends, I can hear the chorus of 'why not's', but I have writers block over doing the buttons. Doing buttons looks HARD, or tricky at least. Not less because I want 6 buttons to grace the back of the shirt, rather than the prescribed 5 ! I am frightened to start, but hopefully I can get over the fear soon. I don't suppose anyone has any good 'doing buttons' tips ?

I am looking forward to finishing but not entirely convinced that this will suit my figure - but I am willing to ride it out and make that decision once the blasted buttons are on and I can properly see what she looks like on.

In other news I worked in Tiverton today and managed to steer clear of spending money on yet MORE fabrics ! (However I did manage to purchase a new coat somewhere on the way between the fabric place and home !) (( I am taking the coat back tomorrow - it's black and VERY similar to another coat that I already have - ooops ! ))

Well, I hope you have all had a happy 'hump day'. Friends, we have almost made it to the weekend !

K xxx

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