Sunday, 13 November 2011

Completed Sencha ON !!

Hello people

As promised here are some snaps of me in the Sencha.

I apologise in advance, I hate having my picture taken, and Mr P has had to pop out thus I had to take the snaps stood on the sofa with a camera pointing at the mirror.

Well anyway - here are the pictures. The top looks sort of lopsided as I am lopsided taking the snaps !

Untucked -glad of the extra length !

Please ignore the face - photo face is never good !

Tucked in. Oh ! The versatility !!

I must say - wearing the Sencha for the 'photo shoot' has shown me that it is a very comfy top. So although I am not sure if it is at all flattering at this point - I am certain I will wear it (probably with a cardigan) and it has a place in my affections. It will not be culled with the jumble sale pile of clothes !

A very happy bunny !! Just debating if I should start on the Jasmine now or watch telly.

Happy Sunday people

K xxx


  1. It's lovely Kirsty, I love the boat fabric and the contrast tie. Great job, hope you wear it loads. x

  2. Thanks Jane ! :-)) I'm going to wear it tomorrow in fact, and feel quite excited about the prospect. Dont you just love being able to make your own clothes ! Still very impressed with your jacket - will be some time before I attempt such a project. XX

  3. Absolutely lovely! I just adore the contrast tie bow! I think it's very flattering and it seems like it would go with so many things! Great job!!

  4. Thanks Debi :-) x I am really pleased with it and how well it turned out. I am loving the nautical theme and am hopeful for a (future) coordinating wardrobe with clothes in red, navy, white and black. Sewing certainly helps you get a feel for what is working in a wardrobe and what is not. Man I LOVE sewing !! xx

  5. It looks fantastic, well done! I love it out and tucked in too :)

  6. I agree with everyone above. Completely lovely-I would wear the you-know-what out of this!! And, it is very flattering on you :)

  7. Thanks ladies ! :-) I must admit I prefer it tucked in - with the added length its just perfect for tucking. I wore the shirt today and it made me feel great and was super comfy. It looks cute with a cardigan and I totally know I will wear it loads. Totally stoked with it. Dont you just LOVE sewing !! xx

  8. Well done, Kirsty! It looks great.

    Debi(My Happy Sewing Place)'s David

  9. Thanks David !! :-) Very pleased with this top and love wearing it ALOT.

    Especially pleased with your comment as I am not yet a patch on Debi and her frankly amazing seamstress skills !!

  10. Kirsty this is lovely. What a sweet neckline and a perfect fit. I'm sure you will get loads of lovely compliments when you wear this :-)

  11. Thank you :-) Yes she fits pretty good, am really pleased with the fit. I don't think that shows in these pictures so well due to my odd angle. I love the neckline on the shirt - it was way too high on the original pattern for me - I would have felt like I was being strangled ! I did wonder if I cut it a little too low, but actually I think it works really well. Plus it makes mine that little more different to others that I have seen xx