Wednesday, 9 November 2011


Dear friends

I am having a crisis !

(well actually a wardrobe malfunction - it is the same thing really !)

Mr P and I are off to Amsterdam tomorrow - just for the night. We were supposed to be seeing the band 'Little Dragon' until we got an email last night telling us that that they have cancelled the show. Which is not great seeing as we are going to see them all the way in Amsterdam from the UK. Oh well. We can get some cafe culture in and a canal trip instead !

So back to the crisis - I literally have NOTHING TO WEAR. Honestly, NOTHING.

I have a jumble sale sized pile of clothes, but absolutely nothing to wear ! I have some lovely fabrics to make a wardrobe full of further orphans. But I dont have any 'ensembles'.

Friends - this needs to be addressed - post haste !

I think when we get back from 'the Dam' I will be filling many a black sack with item after sad item of ridiculous clothing, and will be re-assessing my wardrobe and the clothing that is so desperately missing.

Wish me luck with this  - I think I may need it !

In other news I just finished a great book - by Dawn French. It's called 'A Little Bit Marvelous' and I highly recommend it. Defo an 8 out of 10. Made me laugh quite a few times, especially reading from Oscar's perspective !

Also - going back to the wardrobe again, I am going to make a dark denim Ginger - and a ivory and blue silk Jasmine. The Ginger should go with the Sencha (which is STILL missing its buttons !) so that at least is one outfit ! Talking of the Jasmine, I think seeing as the Sencha pretty much fit I am not going to make a muslin !

I am going to tissue fit and hope that the bias cut of the fabric hides any mistake I might make by not making a muslin ! Oh well, I have 5 meters of the silk (I was going to use it for a version of the V8380 but decided against it) so at least I can make another attempt if it goes horribly wrong !

I hope you all have had a happy hump day and I shall share some pictures from Amsterdam when I am back.


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