Sunday, 13 November 2011

Finished Sencha

Hola !

I have been right busy these last 48 hours. I managed to squeeze in a trip to Amsterdam (which I will post about later) and when I got home I was brave and finished the Sencha (I just had the buttons to do !).

Here are some pics of the finished article. I will see if I can get one snapped with it on me later !

There are 6 buttons but Dolly's derrier must be bigger than mine  !

Loving the nautical theme !

I didn't follow the instructions exactly, for example I didn't turn the back opening edge 1/4 inch, rather I turned them back half inch.

Measuring perfection.

(I have only just started to appreciate the value of this ruler thingy - it's flippin great !! It's both extremely useful and fun to use !)

I also didn't sew the back flaps UNDER the facings, rather I sewed them on top as I thought the extra stitches holding the facings down would not be a bad thing.

NOT sticking to the rules !
This blouse involved quite alot of hand sewing.

Well actually, other than sewing the seams, pretty much the rest of the sewing is hand sewing. I have found more and more that I actually rather enjoy hand sewing ! Its quite mellow to sit with a glass of wine and the goggle box and catch stitch away. It is very satisfying to look on the right side of the blouse and see almost invisible stitching on one side.

I did sew some strengthening stitches at the top of the side seams as I fancied they didn't feel sturdy enough for the job. The arm holes feel lots more secure now.

Overall I am pretty pleased with the finish on this top - I feel very proud with how it has turned out. I spent lots of time pressing and trying to be perfect and I feel it shows in the finished garment.

I practised button holes on my machine like no ones business before sewing them into the shirt. The buttonholes are not perfect, but will do for this first attempt. I fancy a go at some hand sewn button holes for next time I think (assuming its not TOO time consuming !)

 I will share a snap later with it on so that we can talk about the style on my body - as I am not sure that this shape is for me.

In other news I am very excited to have won a mystery book gift over at Karen's place, (thanks Karen !) and am very excited about opening the wrapping to see what book is inside ! I LOVE books soo much (especially sewing ones) and am totally stoked to have won.

I have promised to share the opening of the book and what is is with the blogging community and as such expect to see some pictures here real soon.

I am also thinking of starting a new project today - I am thinking of the Colette Jasmine in a brown silk and cotton mix, or a blue and ivory silk. I am not going to make a muslin as the Sencha pretty much fit, with the addition of 2 inches added to the bodice length. As the Jasmine is another Colette pattern I am hoping that it will also fit with the addition of 2 inches to the bodice length.

I am going to fit as I sew rather than make a muslin and hope for the best !  Wish me luck !

Right - I am off to Asda to get stuff for a roast for Mr P and me !  Hope you all have a cracking Sunday  :-)


K xxx


  1. Your top turned out really nice and thanks for stopping by my blog! I have made a lot of Collette patterns and find the directions to be sort of wierd. I think she makes it a lot harder than it needs to be so I just end up sewing it my way! I love that sailboat fabric too.

  2. Thank you :-) And - I LOVED your blog ! I wore the shirt today and it performed beautifully ! I love the fact that as people who sew we can change stuff and sew to suit ourselves ! It makes each project even more individual. I am loving the sailboat fabric too - it certainly brought a smile to my face when I saw it, and the weight of the cotton is just perfect for a shirt. xx