Wednesday, 30 November 2011

What's in the bag ?

Hello there

I went for a little shop after work today. Shall I show you what I got ?


Loving bags with treats in for me !

ooooo the suspense

Chartreuse Green (My favourite colour) and Grey / red /teal tweed effect.
I felt inspired after reading Tasia's post about styling up a summer dress to work for the colder winter. She used a cowl type scarf to style up her outfit and I must admit I was impressed ! It got me thinking about my own wardrobe (again) and how I can try and incorporate a few well thought about pieces to try and create  finished looks.

I also got to thinking about knitting. I used to knit when I was a kid, but have not owned any knitting needles since I was about 7. A new wool shop has opened in Tiverton, and since it has I have been thinking about going in there for a gander.  I went in today after work and decided to purchase some needles and yarn. To make a cowl scarf (or 2 - one green one blue).

Knitting is like the perfect way to stitch, especially if you don't have a dedicated sewing space. Every time I want to sew I have to drag out the machine, cutting mat, sewing box, fabric box, pattern bag  etc etc etc. AND then I have to clear the decks for space. Sometimes when I feel crafty I also feel lazy ! I don't want to spend 45 minuted getting set up ! Knitting seems a good way to scratch the crafty itch the lazy (ish) way  :-)

I cant wait to get started tonight on the old knitting. There are some really good tutorials on You Tube, and I will share some of these later. I think a scarf is a good 1st project, I think it will be sometime before I can match the skills of Gail, but I will have fun trying !

Weirdly - just looking for Gail's link on my blogroll, loads of my blogroll, actually literally ALL of it is displaying posts about knitting ! Weirdly Karen is talking about blocking and I was only thinking 10 minutes ago that I would like to know what that term meant !  I think there must be knitting in the air today !!!

In other news the kitchen is almost done ! I wish I had taken some before pix, but I didn't. Let me paint a mental picture instead. Hideous old yellow paint, yellowed with age. Tester patches of green paint on walls. Hideous old yellowed units. Collapsed shelving and falling apart base units.

Mr P and I stripped and emptied the kitchen, sugar soaped it to within an inch of its life and then under-coated in white. The ceiling was re-plastered. The new units and floor are now in and all we have to do now is the final paint job. We are pretty pleased with it. Once the painting is done it will need a final spruce up and then it will be finished - YAY !

Not quite finished so excuse the mess - we are deciding what to keep / chuck

New units, floor and worktop all look nice - we are super pleased !

To celebrate - I made this

I only made this last night - as yet I have had not one crumb. Mr P obviously has enjoyed it immensely ! Thank you Betty Crocker !!

Over and out

K xxx


  1. Maybe it's the weather-- I love to knit when there's a chill in the air! I like that knitting makes a minimal mess (let's not talk about the bags and boxes of yarn and needles I have piling up... eek!). I also like that it's portable- I keep small projects in drawstring pouches, keep them in my messenger bag, and work on them when I'm stuck waiting around for something.

  2. I think you may be right re the weather ! Its so nice to sit in front of the fire and knit. Man I sound OLD ! ;-) Loving the fact its so portable, like you say its great for if you have a journey to make or you are bored ! I am stoked that I love it so much ! x

  3. Teeheehee, I know what you mean! I feel like such a boring old lady when I knit, but it's way more fun!