Thursday, 17 November 2011

You have mail !

That is what Mr P cried as I came through the front door this evening.

And, lookie here - he's only flippin hit the nail on the head !

A parcel pour moi
So, at this point I was very excited ! I love surprises ! And what a lovely surprise this was   :-)

I carefully opened to see what was inside.....

Its like a gift in a bed !

Escaped !

Exceptionally prettily wrapped.

At this point even I could guess at the fact it was book shaped !   ;-)) So I knew that this was the gift I won over at

I like to savour the unwrapping of a mystery gift - its very satisfying to prolong the excitement (and let me tell you - a girl in rural Devon takes excitement where she can !)

2 gifts in one !
I cant believe Karen was thoughtful enough to include a bookmark ! Class, no ?

This is my excruciatingly slow unwrapping......  (by Now Mr P's attention was wandering and he had moved onto other excitements - namely Battlefield - pink wrapping is obviously a girl thing).

1 step

2 steps

3 steps

Then I properly went for it !

What a beautifully cool book !
This pretty much sounds like the book was written FOR ME
Have a sneaky peek inside !

Extremely apt !

Err yes ! I recognise these actions rather too well !
Sooooo excited to start reading it ! I LOVE books on all different subjects and love to go to bed and have a good old read before I go to sleep (christ - I sound dull lol !)

How rock and roll is the pink tissue wrapping ?

Thank you sooo much Karen !!  I totally LOVE the book, and it was extremely generous of you to let me win it !

I am sure anyone who looks at my blog has already met Karen, but if you have not then you must pop over and say hello. Why not get yourself a vimto and take a look at some of the fabulous creations that she has made. She really is a very talented lady.

Thanks again Karen ! Big loves.

So my friends, that was my evening so far. How was yours ? Hopefully as exciting as mine !

In other news I am off work Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (oh yes I am excited !) and am thinking of making a silk Jasmine.

Um, do you reckon its safe for a newbie to try and stitch silk pretty much straight of the bat ? I have read many horror stories but am sort of thinking 'ahhh just go ahead and try'  !

Any tips ?

Also, in case anyone needed reminding - its only nearly the flippin weekend !! What has everyone else got planned ?

Well, I shall bid a happy farewell, as I am off to check out what my new book says about getting men-folk to cook the tea !

Au revoir

K xxx


  1. I LOVE it ! Thanks xx I am thinking of doing a silly blog feature where I share some tips from the book with everyone. There are some crackers in there, I was having a good old read last night and thoroughly enjoyed it ! xx

  2. Eek! What a fun book!! Karen is criminally cute!!

  3. She is :-) Yes the book is great, I was very pleased to have won x