Friday, 12 July 2013

Happy Friday!


So we made it !! I'm having one or 2 (or more as Mr P does not drink!) of these :)) (to be honest 2 of these and ill know about it and have to go to bed. Hardcore).

I know it's a bit of a luxury (and could possibly make me sound a bit poncy !! Sorry in advance) but I do love a nice glass of champagne. Unfortunately I can't afford to drink it very often (my fabric addiction puts paid to that). But I like to buy a bottle when it's on offer and save it for a special occasion. 

And my friends ! It is a special occasion !! I've most of next week off work !! The first holiday days I have had this year, and man I need them.

I'm up to date with work. I submitted 2 major pieces of work for university yesterday evening, and this girl is ready to sew her little socks off :)) 

I tell ya there is nothing more relaxing than creating, and I'm looking forward to doing some. Plus I'm hoping to go camping, kayaking and surfing and have plenty of naps. 

Of course I am keeping everything crossed for more of this golden orb known to some lucky folks as 'the sun'. 

Plus I'm alive, healthy, loved; and it's still a lovely sunny day !!

Now if that's not a cause to celebrate, I don't know what is. 

I hope you are all doing something that makes you happy too.

Happy Friday !!

K xxx


  1. Ooooh, I might have to join you in a virtual cocktail hour! I happen to have a bottle of bubbly in the fridge ;-) And I thought of you last night because I made Grapefruit and Gin Sorbet - it is delish!!

    Have a fantastic holiday!

    1. Ooooo that does sound lovely!! How can I make that ?! I often think of you now at cocktail hour !! In fact I think it's about that time :)) Ching Ching !!
      (And so far, other than causing a dent in the back of my camper - very small, but still) I am having a lovely holiday thank you :)) xx

  2. Yay! Have a lovely holiday!