Wednesday, 10 July 2013

A walk 'round the 'hood.


Still lovely weather here :-) Its amazing what a difference even a few days of sunshine makes to a person. I know we Brits are renowned for talking about the weather, but our weather is so changeable that we kinda cant help it.

Anyhow, I am going to record these sunny days so that when the sun hides again, and the black clouds come out, I will be able to remember these glorious days of summer :-)

If you only wanna see snaps of sewing - look away now !!


 There are some pretty cool buildings around here - its only a shame they block all the older homes views.

 Of course, no walk along this....

Can be fully appreciated without one or two of these .......

Yum !!

K xxx


  1. Ooooh, pretty! What is the purpose of the bright little shacks? Are they changing rooms? Forgive my ignorance! We don't have that on Lake Michigan - at least not in Chicago!

  2. OOOO they are beach huts !! Basically glorified small sheds set up on the shore. they often have sinks and little cookers and maybe a small cooler. Families use them to change in, store their beach stuff, or invite folks round for a BBQ and a bit of a show off !! :-)
    They are found all over the UK and some of them are painted very prettily indeed. These ones here are quite cheap to buy (c £8 - £10 thousand pounds, while the ones found at my home in Bournemouth (Muddiford Quay) can sell for hundreds of thousands of pounds !!

    1. Holy cow! That's a lot of dough for a hut! They sure are pretty though! Thanks for explaining it - it's a very cool thing!

    2. I know !! It makes your mind boggle at how expensive a shed can be !! A pretty shed, but a shed none the less !! Xx

  3. Wow, how lovely! What a beautiful area you live in!

    1. I do feel blessed to live in such a pretty place :) you will laugh, but our beach is voted one of the worst tourist destinations in the uk for beaches. Which is mad as our beach is awesome, but great as we don't get so many tourists ;) shhhhhh xx