Tuesday, 9 July 2013

FO - Gerties 'Meadow' pencil skirt.


So we are almost mid week !!  Yay !! and I have most of next week off work, and the sun is STILL shining !! Whats not to like ?!?

Anyway I wanted to get this skirt posted up !

I love it sooooo much. I created it out of extra heavy duty thick curtain fabric
(ooooh the shame !! :-))  )
and I underlined it in white cotton, and then added a white bemberg (I love this stuff !!) lining.

I made it back along when the weather was still so wintry and I wanted a skirt that was winter appropriate in terms of warmth, but stuck 2 fingers up at the whole extended winter thing we had going on. This with all its layers and thickness but cheery visage did just the trick !!

I had to hand sew the button hole (again) as my Singer was not up for the job (I sense a trend !!). The zipper I hand picked. I didn't use any trim on this hem as its heavy enough and didn't really need it.

As the fabric was a remnant I had less than a meter to play with, so no choice on pattern placement, but I care not for I love the vision of a summer meadow so ! I needed to use a coordinating colour fabric from my stash as I didn't have enough to make a waistband. I used every last millimeter of that fabric.

Not a great deal more to say about the pattern, other than I love it !! I will be making many, many, many more of these !!  You must make one too !! I insist !!  And then share with me :-))


K xxx


  1. That is truly beautiful fabric! So perfect in a skirt! And I'm seriously impressed with your hand-sewn buttonhole!

    1. Thank you !! The button hole was more forced upon me than by choice ! But I am pretty pleased with how it came out. And to be honest I am one of the rare breeds that enjoys a spot of hand sewing :-) Thanks for the compliment on the fabric ! I loved it so and had to have it ! Plus it makes a super awesome winter skirt :-) xx

  2. Replies
    1. Hiiiii :-) Thank you so much ! I cant tell ya how much I love this fabric. I wish I could get more !! Now if only I had managed to top stitch on the waistband as well as I managed to create a buttonhole ! Lol !! :-)) xx