Tuesday, 16 July 2013

FO - Gertie/Elisalex mash up 2


Just a quick stop to show you version number 2 of this dress, (its been a shitty day and this is a cheery dress all right)
Lots of changes made to both pattern, and method of sewing after sewing the previous version. This one looks a million times better than the previous one, which will only ever be worn with a cardigan. A long one at that :-)

I just want to make a quick note. The second version is made of quilting / decorating fabric, and I much prefer it for this dress. It does not wrinkle so bad and the support it gives in structured bodice is awesome. Lined with cotton and bemberg it makes for an easy dress to wear during one of these unheard of days of 'summer'.

I must also point out that I have not used a zipper in either version of these dresses. It fits over my head so I didn't bother. Plus I have LOADS of shop bought dresses with zips and I have not once needed to use their zips. So I saved myself the hassle.   :-)

I also gathered the skirt lining to the bodice, and its shorter so I dont need to worry about how to finish the bottom. In fact this lining is so easy, I tore a suitable length of lining fabric, gathered and attached to the bodice, and finished using a rolled seam finish on my serger.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Also I noticed that there was plenty of room at the waist, and so I rectified by that for my third (and favorite) version, my eyeballing and cutting of small sections of tissue at the waist. I think it worked out - phew !!

Well - I do like a pretty inside :-)

Cheerio for now,

K xxx


  1. Beautiful! Such a pretty, feminine fabric!

    1. Why thank you very much :)) I must admit that I do like a bit of curtain fabric !! Your Lonsdale looks pretty darn fine, love !! Xx

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    1. Hi Shirley Ann. Thank you for the lovely compliment ! I loved the fabric too, can't beat a curtain fabric remnant :)) xx

    2. I'm so sorry ! I accidentally removed your comment !! I didn't mean too, I'm not very good at pressing the tiny buttons on the iPad blogger page. :( my apologies. But I am pleased that you liked the fabric and the dress :)) xx

  3. Oooh, this is really lovely!