Sunday, 7 July 2013

FO - 'The grass is greener' skirt


So my friends, I only did what I promised (for a change) and snapped some pix of some makes :-)

This skirt has been made now for a fair while to be honest, and it is on constant rotation in my wardrobe. It was made with the Frankenstein skirt ('s a'plenty) pattern (I have moved on from that one now, I promise !)

I must admit that I bought the fabric as green is my favorite colour and I thought this green just beautiful. Add to that crisp white polka dots and I thought that this was a very fabulous fabric indeed.

Once I got it home I thought I had bought a potential wardrobe 'orphan', but you know what - this skirt has more willing partners then I had anticipated, so I get to wear it often :-)

Anyways, moving on - you wanna see the goods - amirite ??

(Please excuse the photos, I cant bear having my picture taken !
AND I had a face like a well smacked arse in most of them !
It almost made me weep going through them - 'delete, delete, delete', errr yea that ones a delete too. oh ! and that one !! and so it went on lol !!)

Luckily for the sake of posterity a few of em made it  :-)

And of course some shots of pretty hems and happy insides :-)

And I can happily say grass is greener (on the other side of the kitchen wall, lol !! ) Did y'all notice my first venture outside when taking these snaps ?!? the things I do for you - geeeeeeeeeeeeeez  :-)))))

Anyways I am off outside to sit in the garden and enjoy the beautiful sunny day that I have been blessed with.

I hope you are doing something that makes you happy too x


K xxx


  1. I love it! Such a happy fabric! I really love the ribbon trim at the hem too. I really need to start making the insides of my things pretty like that!

    1. Oooo thanks !! It is rather nice to finish the items so well on the inside, makes you feel like you are truely wearing something special !! Look out on here sometime this week for a chance to get stuff to make your insides look pretty :)) xx

  2. Your skirt is really lovely! And, even though I also hate having photos of myself taken, your photos are looking good and you shouldn't be worried about them :) love the setting, too! Beautiful!

    1. Awwww thanks !! That's really sweet of you :) ill let you into a little secret, it's my back yard and looks a state so I quickly moved in some colourful pots for the 'shoot'. I'm so happy I did !! Isn't it a drag having snaps taken !! I'm glad I'm not the only one !! Xx

  3. Cute! What a lovely color! I can see why you had to have this fabric!

  4. I must admit I'm rather in love with this fabrics, and feel sad only that I didn't buy enough to make a dress !! These days I shop with a plan !! The things you learn on the journey eh :)) xx