Thursday, 4 July 2013

Apples and affairs.


See what I did there ? :-)   Unfortunately I couldn't title this post 'apples and pears' because as yet my pear tree still refuses to bear fruit.

But, for the first time since I bought my tree a couple of years ago, I have baby apples !! 

Which is surprising as the weather here has been so shitty !! I wonder if they will grow enough to be eaten, or will fall from their boughs in protest at our weather without a care to my feelings ;) 

Now onto the affairs !! 

Fabrics of course !! What did you think I was gonna say ?!

Soooo I have bought lots and lots of lovely curtain / quilting cotton fabrics as I love them so. And I finally have a pattern that positively encourages you to break open the purse at the first sight at anything a little chintzy and shabby chic (and furnishing weight!!). Why, it's the Elisalex of course !! 

These are the 2 most recent, I took a fancy to snap them while they were enjoying a spell in the sun,  after their little swim. 

It's very hard to see here, but this gingham is a kinda beachy green blue. Lush. I actually want to make a sewaholic cambie with this, but I have to get round to doing the pattern alterations etc, before I can even think to cut into this. 

The only bad thing so far that I can see, is that there is a chance I will someday call to someone's house - and be greeted by this beautiful offer of a seat .....

          (Image courtesy of DFS - in case it wasn't clear lol !)
         (This is by no means an advertisement, just a picture of a pretty sofa :) ) 
           (Which I totally WANT. obvs)

Where I have counted no less than 3 !! Of my recent fabric purchases for dresses !! In fact look closely and you will spot the dotty number hung up on my washing line !

Even Mr P recently had the cheek to remark that my wardrobe is getting more than a litte Hyacinth Bucket !

       (image courtesy of, and probably the BBC !! Thank you both :) )

One can only dream :))



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