Monday, 22 July 2013

FO - Gertie pencil skirt in denim


So both of the 'works in progress' are now finished and are taking a spin in the washer. I LOVE them and promise to try and snap them for the old blog-a-log soooon. It may not be for a week or 10 days though as I am off to Shropshire for a Uni residential on Thursday to mess around with soils !! Oh what fun :-)

So here is a different finished object - its the Gertie pencil skirt made with a slightly stretchy indigo denim. I had to take the side seams in by a fair amount to get this to fit perfectly.

Nothing much to report regarding the interior - this was a quick make ! Made to fill a gap and in no time at all. A good one to work on if you had lost your mojo, as its a quick and dirty make, with a very satisfying end point.

I think this may be the 4th make using this exact denim ! I proper love it. I think this time though, as it starts to fade, I will dye it indigo again. The previous makes I have left as is, but they look pretty washed out these days, especially the skirt I made here, which I wear ALL THE TIME.

Anyways, I better get gone ! I hope you are all having a very happy Monday, whatever you may be doing :-)


K xxx

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  1. Wah! How can you make us wait on the dresses! Such a tease! This is a great skirt though. I swear I'm going to try both this and the Portrait Blouse pattern soon!