Thursday, 2 February 2012

Sew grateful week !

Hi !

I have decided to do my give-away to coincide with Debi and her Sew Grateful Week (starting 6th Feb). As such I will announce the details on Monday 6th February. There will be 2 different swags which I hope you will love !

In other news I have been knackered and studying while recuperating from a torn knee and the flu. Its a long story which I will share with you tomorrow  :-)

Jackie baked today - but I cant be faffed to upload the pictures, but friends let me tell you they were pretty darn snazzy ! Just you wait and see !

Almost at the weekend people ! YAY !

K xxx


  1. Nooooooo. I love looking at Jackie's cakes.....please, please, please can I come and work with you???.?

  2. Thanks for the comments guys.

    YES !! It IS Friday !! Super dooper ! Gaylene, the wait is over - you can have your (virtual) fill of Jackie's cakes right now :-) And - you can surely come to work with me - but don't think I am sharing my cake ! lol !!! ;-))) xx