Saturday, 18 February 2012

Pattern giveaway

Well friends,

YAY ! It's Friday - we made it !

I must admit that work on the Jasmine has stopped.   Boo !

The second part of redoing our kitchen is in full force, and, after a recce it is looking ever more doubtful that I can work around tools and decorating gumpf in order to get that baby's sleeves sewn on.

Oh well, at least Dolly is enjoying wearing the almost finished Jasmine - its pretty cold here right now and she is usually naked ! She is a bit of a hussy in that way - she has absolutely no body hang up's AT ALL   :-)

I have been sorting through my fabric stash and pattern collection for my next projects. I am going to make a brown linen skirt next, closely followed with the same style skirt but a wonderfully sunny and happy fabric. I cant wait ! I love feeling excited about sewing, and the thought of it often keeps me awake for ages at night. I get really very happy when pinning fabric to Dolly and adding a cardigan to make an outfit.

QUICK ! Someone call the sad police !

But I digress.

Sorting through the patterns there are a few that I will never make, (not cos I dont like em - but because I KNOW they wont look good on me) so I want to offer em up if anyone wants them (they will be heading to the charity if no one does).

I must say both the patterns look better in the line drawings (in my opinion) and so I have captured those drawings for you too.

The patterns are both uncut and factory folded. If you want one just leave a comment to say which you would prefer.
If anyone does leave a comment I will use the random generator jobby to choose who gets.

Of course - I am happy to ship international  :-)

Size 14 - 22

Size 16 - 24
Vile drawings ! I bought this pattern for skirt view E

View E could be very nice me thinks
So - there you have it. If you want - just say the word !

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend  :-)

K xxx


  1. I think about sewing too when I'm going off to sleep! And it does sometimes keep me awake!

  2. I like the dress pattern best. i find I wake thinking about sewing, or how I can fit it into my day!!

  3. I have never been awake by sewing thoughts but every time I see someone wearing a nice blouse or dress I think: I could make that for me! And thanks for the giveaway, I like the skirt pattern.

  4. love that dress pattern! I'll take it off your hands! ;)