Friday, 3 February 2012

Jackie's Cakes ! ( and a very Happy Friday !)

Dear friends

Happy Friday !!  I hope you have a wonderful weekend planned.

By popular demand ! - and without further ado - here are this weeks cakes from Jackie !  (we were lucky enough to have a second cake on Thursday as Jackie had an order in and made extra for us !!  YAY !!)

                                ***** WARNING !!  THIS POST IS CAKE HEAVY !! *****

Here is Mondays cake...

I am a vision of toffeeness ! See my golden body.
Razzle Dazzle.

Let me share my perfectly formed head.
I am like a vision in cream.
Needless to say, I didn't last long.

And these are Jackie's Thursday offerings !!  They were pink and orange - 2 variations on a theme. Jackie said she was not that fond of the colour scheme for these ones - but I honestly believe that these are my favourites so far !!

Lets see why !!

Type A.
Tangerine dream.
Gorgeousness personified.
Alas, a beauty which does not last.

Type A
Well why not ? Especially when you look like THIS.

Type B
Pretty in pink.
Inhaled immediately. It was almost magical the way I disappeared !
I should get a job on a magic show. Look out Debbie McGee !

Type B
Well if she can - I can too !

Glorious !!
Absolutely Glorious !
See our coordinated cases and flower tops.
For twins we are pretty classy.
Especially when compared to the 'Cheeky Girls' !

WOWSERS that Jackie - she is indeed a legend !! I wish you could have a gorgeous baker in your life who thinks nothing of spending time whipping up magic for her fellow colleagues.

                                                          Jackie I think I LOVE YOU.

I bet you cant wait to see what she bakes up Monday !

Wishing you all the best weekend EVER.


K xxx


  1. Sorry about the previous comment, I really did mean to say that ! Hope the flu and gammy leg were getting better! Jackie could be a baking super hero, the world really needs one of those. Are you sewing at the moment? Yeehah Friday, let wine-o-clock begin :))

  2. HA ! I LOVED your comment ! It made me laugh ! :-))) Jackie is an absolute legend - her cakes are wicked ! Flu nearly gone, thanks for asking - gammy leg still painful. oops !
    I am hoping to sew up the Jasmine (still ! dang I WILL get it finished) I may set up the machine in a bit and sew along with a G&T ! Like you rightly pointed out - its only flippin wine o'clock ! YAY !! What are you sewing ? Would love a peek ! :-) xx

    1. Love your holiday pix! At the moment I'm sewing the notbso perfect 'perfect knit dress' from McCalls, which makes me look like Deputy switched to making a lovely cupcake apron (Jamie Christina)', as inspired by your Jackie.....and lots of Ravelry knits...........seriously, turquoise icing.......mmmmmmmmmm!......

    2. Thank you ! :-) Oh man you gotta share your cupcake apron - I will show Jackie she will think its a scream ! (And I may be able to barter making her an apron for an endless supply of cupcakes !) I shall post up the Turquoise number tomorrow - it really is very pretty. 3 cheers for Jackie ! xx

  3. Those cakes are gorgeous! I love the pink and orange ones - it's one of my favorite combos! Ooooooo, I wish I had one of those right now!

    1. I Know ! Yoou should have seen todays offerings - they had turquoise icing ! My favourite ! I wish I could let you all have a taste of one :-(( Everyone needs a Jackie ! xx