Tuesday, 7 February 2012


Hello there

So, last week myself and Mr P took to the slopes and went to France. We went to a catered chalet in Flaine and we were lucky not only with the destination - but also the people who we shared the chalet with.

We were extremely fortunate as it snowed LOADS while we were there. Mr P snowboards, and I ski (well - I attached sticks onto my feet and faced myself down a mountain) and I was lucky I only came home with the one injury. But more on that in a bit.

It could have been bad sharing a small living space with 12 other people that you don't know from Adam, but honestly everyone was so cool - it was a real pleasure to have been able to spend time with them. New friendships were formed and we are definitely meeting up with a few of them later in the year. I love it when that happens !

Here they all are - this is the entire chalet and apparently we are the first group of unknowns to all make best of friends and spend time as a massive group.

Hows that for warm and fuzzy ?!

Bon Adventure !!
Here are some holiday snaps.

View from 'Le Chalet'

Up and away !
(Those blobs are hot air balloons !)
(man I would love a trip in one of those)

Behold ! The Implements of Torture !!
Mwaaa haaaa haaaaaaa

If I hide in the corner
Do you think anyone will see me ?
And force me to 'ski'

Er - does anyone know the quickest way down ?
(the answer is NOT back on the chairlift)
(I know this because I asked)
(No, actually I BEGGED)

Interior decor of 'Le Chalet'

Err right sentiment
Wrong climate
(and a Sprite rather than a Pina Colada - things really are bad)

My resting place

Sunny !
You cant deny that snow is quite magical

Before you ask...
Call it a deep sense of forboding

Me and Mr P

There were only 2 bad things about the holiday.

1.   I was in bed with flu for the first 3 days. Properly Ill. I barely made the 36 hours without sleep getting there.
2.   I injured myself. Well my knee to be exact............................

.....................performing a 'rock air guitar power slide' across a tiled floor on my knees.

(then ripping my right knee - which still makes me wince in pain OOOOPS !!)

Well, I couldn't help it ! I just had to celebrate as soon as I started to feel a little more human - and how better than with an air guitar !? Alas I think my days of student stupidity are rightly over, after all I am 3*  !

In other news I will have some sewing to share this week YAY (and am feeling proper inspired for my next project - but man I wish I could replicate some of you gals and guys production rates ! I dont know how you do it - phew !! I'm more than a little envious  :-)

Dont forget !! You can also enter my 'Sew Grateful' give away  here. Good luck !

K xxx


  1. Gorgeous photos! Glad you got to feeling better so you could enjoy at least part of the trip!

    1. Thanks ! It was so nice to get away and even though I was unlucky re flu and knee, I still had a great time (in fact THE BEST time duty freeing the make up counter on the way back !) ;-)) xx

  2. Hello! Great to pop over to visit you & discover a fellow ski lover! I'm so jealous you have been away skiing in such fabulous conditions & also impressed that you join a group of unknowns in a chalet (we're not that brave!). We're not making it this season (at the greatest upset to me - how can I survive?) but we're planning a big one this Christmas instead. yay!! But I hope that your injury did not stop you enjoying yourself & bummer that you had flu - not fair!

    1. Hi ! Thanks for the comments ! You should try Chalet life one time - we have been a few times and not have any problems yet :-) The only thing I find is that the beds are never too comfy in a chalet, but that is the only problem. Food is always amazing, and its cheaper when you think about the cost of meals etc in ski resorts. I would defo recommend Flaine, very easy to get to and so much snow ! It snowed pretty much daily while we were there.
      And thank you - I enjoyed myself very much and am looking forward to going again ! xx

  3. Wow, what a great view! Although I definitely know how you feel-- I've done my fair share of begging the liftie to let me ride down on the lift... and threatening to slide down on my butt the whole way... and finally screaming my head off the whole way down. Poor husbie!

    Hope your knee feels better!

    1. HA ! :-) I was told by the lift guy the fastest way down was to SKI. I must admit, I had a little cry lol ! In the last I HAVE slid down on my backside - what a sight !!

      Thank you for asking - my knee is beginning to get better slowly. Thank god ! Pretty certain my air guitar sliding days are O.V.E.R. Boo ! xx