Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Thank you

Hello there

Can I just say how overwhelmed I am feeling with all of you glorious people recent comments.

There are too many for me to respond to personally so please know that my heart feels warm, right down to its core.

I also want to welcome new people joining me on my adventures.

                                                                I am 100% SEW GRATEFUL.

To celebrate - lets share a Jackie Cake !

Cake jewellery
A delicious silver and turquoise bangle 

I am a vision
I look like a cake version of Boracay Beach

In other news I will be spending tonight mostly sewing and am looking forward to sharing with you.

I hope that whatever you are doing tonight makes you nothing but happy   :-)

K xxx


  1. oohhh...lovely cupcake! Enjoy!

  2. that's so lovely, and so is that cake !!!

  3. My gosh, that cupcake is tooo adorable!!

  4. Thanks people ! I shall show your comments to Jackie next week - she will be totally stoked ! Happy Friday ! And - have a FABULOUS weekend xx