Sunday, 29 January 2012

Burda Style February 2012

Hellooooo there !

I have just got back from a ski trip (Flaine, France) which I will share with you tomorrow as I am totally knackered. In my absence Burda waved its wand and deposited its goodness in my front hall. Lets take a little looksie at my February picks shall we ? I must admit, for me - there were very few stunners this month, however I still feel it is worth the cover price on the whole. Burda Style for me is a little like a lucky dip - you pays your pennies and take your chances. Sometimes you are happy, sometimes sad !

                                       The source of all these lovely images can be found here

LOVE this skirt !
I hope it can be made without the full length zip. Not sure that my derrier is up to that amount of scrutiny !

Lovely lines - I think would make a smashing work dress in a wool crepe. LUSH.

Pretty shape - simple and I think would look fab on pear shapes.

A little SAD. F.M. I know - but I do love a Kimono.
Would be lush in an actual kimono silk.
Dream ON - anyone seen how expensive that sh1t is ?

LOVE IT ! Feels like its should have been in Kill Bill.
Uma Thurman would have looked HOT in this  number !
Not certain of exactly the same effect on my own body.

hmmmm hideous deck chair trousers anyone ?
Thought not.

May I present myself as one of the most hideous skirts ever seen.
The Fabric ! The Cut ! The Hideousness !

The source of all these lovely images can be found here

I need to point out at this stage that my Burda picks are just that - mine.

I probably don't have the same tastes as everyone else, and that is fine. If you happen to love the deck chair trousers, that totally rocks.
Don't EVER let my own views detract from your own taste, it is good to be different  :-)

In other news I was also excited to come home to a little giftage from the gorgeous Ginger Makes - it's a brown and black neck scarf and I cant tell you how much I LOVE it !  Thanks Ginger ! I will post a snap of it tomorrow if I can. I am still always amazed by the generosity of fellow bloggers.  If you have not already seen Gingers blog I suggest you go there right now and take a peek !   :-)

I feel I have been quite lucky this year in terms of receiving gorgeous stuff from other people and as such I will be giving something away this week (I do believe in Karma) - more on that in a few days. But it will be open to anyone, anywhere, and I hope that you will like it.

Also - because you have been so good - I have 2 (yes 2!)  'Jackie's cakes' to show ! Hot DAMN that lady can bake. I count my stars every Monday for her cupcake cheer. Almost makes a Monday bearable. Almost.

Toffee gorgeousness right there.
Yes I am pretty snazzy.
Unfortunately my life span was not so long.

Er, my creator apologised for me and said I was boring !
ahem ahem !
Have you SEEN the orange chocolate loveliness of my hot body ?
I rest my case. 
Right - off to bed for me.

I will be back tomorrow with some photos of Flaine, pictures of my new neck scarf and details of my give away. As it is a Monday there will also be a special cake post ! Can you wait for all that excitement ? MAN I don't think I can !

Hoo ha,

K xxx


  1. Yay! So glad you like the scarf! :D

    1. I LOVE IT !! Seriously. I am in the process of making some 'browns' for my wardrobe and this is going to be more of a treat as now girlfriend can accessorize ! Thanks again, (and I totally loved your note too) MWAH !! xx

    2. Oh, and GIRL! The CUPCAKES!! Holy cow!