Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy 2012 !! (resolutions and bicycles in Amsterdam)

Hello folks !

WOW 2012 !!  I hope you ALL have a fabulous 2012 !

Ok - so first post of 2012 - and I am already feeling excited for the coming year   :-)

So - I have some resolutions - I know I wasn't really going to make any but hey ho.

1 - To sew more (talking of which - made a muslin of the Peony bodice this evening - it is soooo bad - I need to start again tomorrow !)

2 - To try and keep in touch with family and friends more ( I am soooo bad at talking on the phone (I hate it) and really need to visit more )

3 - To try and be a little less sensitive - it does me no good. Really.

4 - To keep calm and carry on    ;-)    whatever the weather !

5 - To try and use up my ever growing fabric stash. I am now all about the stashbustin - you just wait and see.

What resolutions have you made ? Did you manage too see any through from last New Years ?

In other news - Mr P and I recently took a trip to Amsterdam to see the band 'Little Dragon' (who unfortunately cancelled just before we left the UK - we are going again in March - YAY). Although we DID see these bikes ! I seemed to have a strange fascination for them !

I am here for comparison purposes ! PAH !

I am shabby chic. Check out my distressed Duck Egg blue.

Thank you, I think I am pretty too !

Check me out ! I AM the snazziest of snazzer bikes !

Ahhh all these pretty bikes ! If I lived in Amsterdam I would have a prettied up bike !

Happy New Year People !

K xxx


  1. Great resolutions! I love those bikes (though I am a bit too scared to ride in traffic). Happy New Year!

  2. Thanks Debi ! :-) And a very Happy New Year to you too !! xx