Saturday, 7 January 2012

Happiness comes in small packages !

Happy Saturday ! YAY we made it !

Thanks so much Chris and Jill for the waistband tips - really appreciate you sharing with me. I feel confident enough to have a go at making one today.

The title of the post is because I bought some navy overlocking thread and it just arrived !  (I was not sure that it would arrive by today so doubly happy )

Which means its a GO for the indigo denim pencil skirt (I wanted to sew the seams using the overlocker for a change, rather than my singer - to see how they come out !

So, right after I have finished my Baileys hot chocolate (I know its early - but I swear its still Christmas so its fine) I am setting up my sewing space and gonna finish my Jasmine and my skirt.

In other news I bought some brown linen to make Burda style October 2011 Skirt 119b - its going to go a treat with my Jasmine. I am very excited just thinking about possible outfit combos in my mind !)  I am tres tres sad ! (but looking forward to posting an outfit pic just as soon as everything is finished!)

I hope you are all having a very Happy Saturday.

K xxx


  1. Hope you had a successful day.

    I have a Jasmine nearly finished, but I can tell it's going to be too big so I'm not motivated to get on with it. My intention is to run a bit of shirring elastic round the neck to pull it in just a tiny bit and make it sit a bit more snugly at the neck where it's too wide, I think I can live with the rest of it being a bit looser. But that last sleeve is still lying there, just waiting...

  2. I didnt get around to finishing the Jasmine - but I have 99% finished my skirt - thanks so much for the waistband help. I am really pleased with the skirt, its probably the best and neatest garment that I have made so far. Totally delighted that I managed to draft my own waistband and that it actually fits ! Cant wait to see you jasmine - thats one of the great things about sewing - you can make the changes that you need for the item to fit your body.
    :-) xx