Sunday, 1 January 2012


I have been adjusting patterns and sewing for the last 48 hours.

I have nothing to show for it as yet. Gave up with the Peony - the bodice needs a lot of work (like ALOT) and I want a (relatively) quick fix !

I have changed from one Colette pattern to another and am now working on the Jasmine - I have made M.A.N.Y. changes to the pattern and have made up a muslin - which looks pretty good - except for I added too much at the seams and now need to shave a little off ( I used the technique in the Colette sewing handbook to slash and pivot to add extra at the waist - I also added 2 inches in length).

I am going to make these changes to my pattern tonight and cut and sew my fabric tomorrow.

I may well have something handmade to wear tomorrow. Fingers crossed ! Oh how I LOVE handmade clothing !

I hope that the New Year is treating you all well so far.

K xxx

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