Friday, 13 January 2012

The perfect skirt. YES !!

Hello people

errr I have only gone and made myself the perfect skirt. BY ACCIDENT.

How did that happen ?

Not only that but I have worn it twice already ! 2 days in  row and I absolutely LOVE IT !  I have had so many compliments   :-)  Its so nice to be able to say you made it yourself !

The skirt started as a dress, V8630 to be exact. But I didn't like the bodice. So out came the seam ripper and I made myself a skirt. The fabric is dark indigo denim which I had in my stash. Its hard to see in the pictures but its lovely, and was really easy to sew (other than when in layers !). I am definitely going to sew more with denim. I like the classic take on the casual denim skirt :-)

I didn't have a pattern for a waistband so I made a self drafted waistband using various tips provided by Chris and Jill, You-tube and the New Complete Guide to Sewing. 

I am so happy with the way it turned out. Only bad thing is because the skirt is denim, the waistband is extremely thick ! And it was a little too long. But I managed to sew it no real dramas. I sorta bodged the ends of the waistband, but for my first attempt I am super happy  :-)  

Next time I will remember my mistakes and can make it better.

Attaching self drafted waistband - very excited !

oops ! Bit too long and should have cut and finished the edges before I sewed it on - but lesson learnt for next time !

Oh Serger - how I love thee. King of the neat finish !

Gratuitous neatness shot including zip and waistband !
This is my neatest job so far I think... Seams and Zipper all very neat. I did sew the seams with the serger - but I strengthened them after with stitches from my Singer. It felt safer to do so ! I was frightened I would sit and the seam would rip. Could be V embarrassing !

I also got these labels - and I could not wait to sew it on the finished article.

Not exactly neatly sewn - but I was going for the 'rustic'look (ahem)
So - only proper that I document both outfits that I wore using my new skirt, right ?  (excuse the photo's - I really need a nice backdrop now I have my tripod !)

                                  I have shared on 'Sew and Tell Saturday' here - why don't you ?

Outfit 1

Wistful mustard look
Outfit 2 (which can I say I especially pleased with as it consists of 2, 2! handmade garments. I wore my Sencha and I totally LOVE this outfit ! Thats why I posted 2 pictures ! Double the love !

Ahoy there Sailor !
Loving my outfit ! feelin a little more than horrified  about the state of  that barnet tho !
So, I didn't get 2 items sewn last weekend (I still have NOT sewn the Jasmine - oops), but I DID get 2 outfits out of the one thing I DID sew. Jobs a good un.

I have got a 'Jackie Cake' to show, but I will save that for tomorrow, this post may self destruct if I write any more !

Hope you are all going to have a wonderful weekend ! I am going to try sew the Jasmine tomorrow, what are you up too ?

K xxx


  1. Great job! Ooh, look at your cute red shoes!!

  2. Thanks ! I am really pleased :-) I love those red shoes too. I have had them like 18 months and this was the first day that I have ever worn them ! I think they will defo be a regular wear now. Happy Saturday ! xx

    1. FANTASTIC pencil skirt! I just love the classic shape. And adorable shoes :)

  3. Thanks Debi :-) I cant tell you how much I love this skirt. Its going to be made next in brown linen, I almost cant sleep with excitement ! lol ! I love the shoes too - and they were very popular. xx

  4. Oh nice! Um, I'm gonna join the crowd-those shoes are sooooo cute! Love them. The skirt turned out great, and the Sencha goes so well with it! Congrats on finished sewing!!

  5. Your skirt look absolutely beautiful, and you cute little top too! Well done! If you find the double denim thickness waistband too thick for your liking, you can always try facing the next time with a thin cotton, I find this cuts down on bulk.
    And I'm joining in the love for those adorable shoes....

  6. That turned out great, it really suits you. Well done, you deserve to be feeling so happy with it!

  7. Thanks ladies for the loving ! I too LOVE the shoes, and they are going to be a staple now for sure. Its kind of good buying shoes and not wearing em for a couple of years as then no one else is wearing the same ! Thanks Jill and Chris for the comments and thanks Carolyn for the tip re the band - I will try that next time as so many layers of denim was hard to work with. I love the outfits :-) I just don't like the pictures of me so much (Bah !)- I look far worse in photos than in real life ( I hope anyway lol). I need to get some tips for photos from Carolyn's blog I think - her pictures and styling are always gorgeous ! :-) xx

  8. I love the Sencha with the denim. So cute! I like the trouser feel of the skirt. I'm working on a denim jacket and like working with denim too.

  9. Thanks ! I think its my favourite outfit EVER ! :-) Denim is nice to sew with eh ? I am definitely making more things denim this year. I am looking forward to seeing your jacket when it is done :-)

  10. I love your sailor look! Everything about it is perfect: the Sencha, the skirt, the sweater, the shoes! Fantastic!

  11. Thanks Gail ! I do soooo love this outfit :-) Thanks guys for all of your lovely comments ! xxx

  12. What a fabulous version of the sencha blouse. I think this is my favourite. You've got a great fit on that skirt too. Thumbs up!!

    1. Thanks ! Wow what a compliment ! I LOVE this top so much, I am going to make another. I went and bought ribbon for the ties today after work. Hoping to get it sewn up at the weekend (if I can find enough time) xx