Monday, 5 December 2011

From here to infinity

Hello !

Well, after buying this .....

And watching these ....

And using some of this.......

image source

I made this .....

And a view from the side ....

It's my version of an infinity scarf / cowl (which I originally spoke about here after feeling inspired by Tasia)

I LOVE IT !! It is by no means perfect - but then neither am I      :-)   However, I could already see a difference in my knitting skill by the time I got to the end of the scarf. Tres excitmon !

Overall I am quite pleased with it as a first project, and pretty much cant wait to start something else. I have literally knitted non stop since Thursday to get it finished up.

I didn't use a pattern, I just casted on 46 stitches and kept on going (and going and going and going  - you get the drift). I knitted one row of knit stitches and one of purl in a continuous cycle. It is lucky that knitting is fun ! I used exactly 4 x 50 g balls of wool/yarn. I am going to make a few versions of this type of scarf as I always wear scarves in winter and this particular type of scarf I love alot.

It is very satisfying to see the creation of a fabric right under my very fingertips !

Next project for me is the Jasmine for sure.(er - maybe after another scarf !) I have seen lots of pretty versions of Jasmine made up on blogland, and you can see it is a very flattering top. Feel quite frightened about working with silk though - have read quite a few horror stories !

What has everyone else been doing ?

K xxx


  1. Cute scarf! I love the yarn! It's so fun to see the way that you improve throughout the course of a project!

    I love the Jasmine blouse, too, but I'm scared to work with bias-cut fabric! It really freaks me out!

  2. Thanks ! I am really pleased with how it turned out :-) So easy to make too ! Yup, I feel the Jasmine pain, but it is too pretty to pass up ! Lets be brave and make them !! xx

  3. I just taught myself to crochet and I've been doing it nonstop too! I can knit, but minimally. :) Practice makes progress!! Very cute cowl!

  4. oooo I just checked out your headband ! Very pretty !! :-) you did a good job !Thanks for the you tube videos you posted too - I find you can learn all kinds of stuff on you tube. Thanks for commenting - allowing me to check out your blog ! And thanks for liking my first attempt at knitting :-)

  5. Thanks Carolyn ! :-) I loved making it so much I currently have 2 more scarves on the go at the same time ! lol.

  6. Lovely scarf! Thanks for linking up at Sew & Tell.

  7. Thanks Justine ! BTW I totally love the Sew and Tell so thanks to you for organising it !! xx