Thursday, 15 December 2011

The good the bad and the ugly


As this blog is a journal of sorts, I am going to partly use it in the coming year to document outfits so that I can see what works on me and what does not.

A brilliant thing about having a blog is the fact that you can write like a diary AND add photos. Then you can flick back to see what you have been up to. I created this blog for myself, to see how far I could get with trying to make a wearable wardrobe that I love, making clothes that fit me well; as well as documenting things I am interested in. I did not start it up hoping to win popularity contests (although I feel very blessed when people make lovely comments and care about what I am saying or showing  - and I love the sense of community ! Sisters unite xx). I love reading other peoples blogs much more than you could ever imagine ! I especially love to see outfit posts and seeing how people are styling their makes and their wardrobes in general, it makes me feel inspired !

I am excited as I am pretty sure that Santa is bringing me a tripod ! So outfit photos should be much easier to snap than they are currently. I feel a little self conscious in front of Mr P and the snaps invariably make me look more than a little gormless when trying for a 'show and tell' style pic.

I am finding that sewing my own clothes has returned to me an interest in what I am wearing. Clothes are often an expression of the self and this last couple of years my expression has not been one that I feel happy with.

I used to wear such lovely clothes, working in London money was no object for clothes buying (this sounds so arrogant ! YUK !! but I merely write it to illustrate a point )  and people outdid themselves to win in the style stakes. Since moving to Devon my style has become somewhat 'laid back' in nature and altogether not very well thought out ! (and MUCH CHEAPER as I now work for a charity !)

This negative reflection of myself in the last few years is highlighted by the fact that all my clothes are on the floor in jumble sale like piles. My beautiful collection of shoes are all packed away god only knows where. Add this to the fact that my body has also changed over the last couple of years (due to under-active thyroid and little time for exercise) and I feel not quite so stylish as I used to - not so well thought out or put together.

Friends, I don't want to win any fashion contests ! I don't even hanker after people telling me that I look nice. I am not 'in it to win it'. I just want to feel stylish and well dressed for myself. It makes me feel good to wear nice things, and I have more of an 'eye' since I have been starting to make my own clothes.

I need to marry together what actually works on my body with what I think looks good. And for this I need photo documentation. It's just not the same looking in a mirror. I think its more subjective when looking at yourself in a picture.

Sooooo, rather than make a new years resolution, and feel gutted when I fail, this year I am going to make one resolution that I feel I can keep. I am going to document my outfits so that I can see what looks good and what does not. Then I can have guilt free 'culls' of clothing without worrying that I am chucking away the wrong stuff and I can hopefully get a clearer picture of what suits me and see where I have wardrobe gaps.

(Then maybe, just maybe I will actually purchase a wardrobe ! Or something else other than the floor, where I can keep my clothes).

I am hopeful that this time next year, when I am sat here reflecting on the year just passed, I can notice that I am altogether a far more stylish person then than I am now. I can read this post and think, HA, made it !

Not for anyone else but myself.

Much love

K xxx


  1. Me too. I'm on a quest to find out what looks good on me and make clothes that flatter. Looking forward to reading your progress :)

  2. A style diary is a great idea. The camera doesn't lie! and I've retired a few of my older favourites after seeing the reality of how they actually look in a photo.
    Good luck with your journey!

  3. Thanks ladies :-) I am quite looking forward to starting to document outfits, and I cant wait to see if knowing that I want to take a picture encourages me to dress better - or at least think about what I am wearing rather than just throwing something on from a pile on the floor. ha, I swear my current outfits look like I have stood in front of someone with a clothes gun and they have fired random garments at me ;-)