Friday, 23 December 2011

Burda Style January 2012

Hello friends

I have finished work now for Christmas ! YAY !!!

I do not grace my desk with my presence again until 3rd January 2012 ! That's what I am talking about !

On top of that I am sat at home after our boss gave us a half day - that's what I call getting into the Christmas spirit !

AND as an extra doubly bubbly - my January Burda style arrived !  So lets take a quick peek shall we ?

                                                     The source of all these lovely images can be found here

LOVE the ballerina style of this one !

Yes please

WOW this dress is FINE

What a pretty horse ! The cover-up is not too shabby either!

Think this is for sleeping in ? But it would make an awfully pretty summer dress.
WOW - Thank you Burda !

There are some beauties this month. Of course - these are only my picks of the bunch  - maybe you would prefer this ?  (LOL  :-)))

Dear Santa, all I want for Christmas is to look like a massive raspberry !
Well, best go and do xmas stuff ! 

K xxx

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