Saturday, 10 December 2011

It's only flippin Saturday !!

Why hello there my favoured sister of Friday !

Today I will be making up the Jasmine in some sari fabric as a trial run. The sari fabric is the closest in drape to my actual fabric so I am going to give it a go !

I am also in the process off finishing up my second scarf as a Christmas gift for my younger brother (not sure he will like it as not 'labelled' but if he doesn't then I will keep it !). Its made out of a dark blue wool with turquoise and red flecks, slightly thicker than the wool I used to make my green infinity scarf. I am only using knit stitches this time (I think this is called garter stitch?) rather than the curling 'stocking stitch' (one row knit - one row purl).
I think I prefer the feel and the look of the garter stitch.

In other news, last night I created a new cocktail (well for me anyway). It was delicious ! I used gin, tonic and a splash of elderflower cordial. It was scrummy !

Also my copy of the Colette book arrived = one very happy and excited lady !

Well, best get on, I have lots to do this weekend as next weekend I am going home to Bournemouth for the weekend and so I have limited time for Christmas shopping. Hoping to get my tree up and all my Christmas shopping done by tomorrow :-)

Hope you have all had cracking weeks and are looking forward to a happy weekend !

K xxx


  1. Yes, stocking stitch does curl up in an annoying way; annoying when you don't want it to anyway! Sometimes it is a cool effect...
    Your cocktail sounds just yummy!

  2. You should try the cocktail for sure ! It is delicious !
    I like the curl of the stocking stitch for my cowl, but I have since knitted 2 scarves in straight knit stitch and much prefer the look and feel of it for scarves. A knitter shared the tip with me that when doing stocking stitch - if you start and end each row with a couple of knit stitches it stops the curl. I am going to try it out and see if that works :-) don't you just love the generosity of the on-line sewing community ? x