Saturday, 14 April 2012

Oh oh babooshka babooshka babooshka ayeai (and a Flock of Seagulls)

So friends,

Check out this fabric I was lusting after for weeks after seeing it in Tiverton Heathcotes. Of course it played me so much I had to go back and get it !

I think, shock horror, that I will make a skirt with it.

Oh man I LOVE this !!
Its a little worrying that I am addicted to novelty prints.
Especially as I live in a very small place.
I wonder if locals refer to me as the
Crazy curtain fabric wearing lady !
I am a little worried that I appear to be making the majority of my clothing form curtain fabric. I guess when the fabric is as fabulous as this it does not really matter.  :-)

I also scored these, the first was an eBay gem, almost 5 meters of Laura Ashley cotton lawn for no more than £18 !! Bargain ! It feels so nice and I am desperate to turn it into a beautiful dress.

I also bought a meter of this large green polka dot - but I wish I had bought more as I think it would be lovely made into a dress. That will learn me for just buying fabric willy nilly with no real plan !

Its funny as I bought some fabric a couple of weeks ago (curtain fabric of course) which I specifically bought to make a skirt (which I hope to show you tomorrow). When I got it home Mr P wanted the fabric to be  made into a blind, but friends I could not part with it as I had seen the skirt in my mind and I had to have it.
Mr P wanted me to score some more of THE SAME fabric to make into a blind but no way can I be blending into the soft furnishings when I am cooking in the kitchen ! The shame !

So I promised I would get something better to make into a blind  :-)

And I think I got the perfect stuff (and Mr P agreed that THIS fabric was much better and fitted in with the colour scheme (cream units, white walls). Everyone was happy !!  :-)

This style of drawing is straight out of the Roald Dahl books

I LOVE the seagulls !
I absolutely ADORE this fabric and cant wait to see it made up into the blind (I just have to find the time to make it!)

I went through all my patterns last night trying to identify what I want to make next and I can happily say that I did choose 5 (out of around 50 !!!  OMG when did I get a pattern addiction - somebody PLEASE stop me !) that I hope to make up over the next few months.

I did manage to find my pyjama pattern  -  phew  -  and I have some plans to sew them up with silk from my stash (stash bustin' YAY!). I have never worked with silk and thought I would try it first with something easy to sew with few curves. I am hoping that I wont hate it and can make a beautiful silk dress. Cans of spray starch at the ready !

Well, that's me done, I hope you all have a wonderful Saturday ! I am hoping to take snaps of my 2 recent makes to share with you either today or tomorrow, I cant tell you how happy I am with how they turned out !

Dont forget to enter my Renfrew pattern give-away here.

Also the delightful Ginger is hosting a Colette pattern give-away of your choice over at her place. How generous ! (I would have been in but I already scored me ALL 3 of the new patterns, I have no self control and am truly disgusting !).


K xxx


  1. I love all your new fabrics, but especially the babushkas! I think it will make a fabulous skirt. It reminds me of this lady's work:
    which I love. I think I may suffer from the same novelty-print addiction!

  2. Thanks Gail ! I love that fabric the most too. I checked out that site - thanks for that - I loved her skirts, especially the babooshka skirt :-) Having a novelty print addiction certainly makes me happy, every time I look at my clothes ! xx

  3. Those new fabric do look lush! I find Heathcotes at little pricey myself, my best fabric shop is the shop at the railway station Pinhoe, I love EVERYTHING in there!

    1. WOW thanks Charlotte :-) I have not heard of them ! I will have to look it up and make a visit.
      I find Heathcotes quite expensive too so often only purchase from the remnant table or in the sales. Or buy only 1M so can make nothing but a skirt. Thanks for stopping by xx

  4. Hey, look who else has some great new fabrics! I especially love the seagulls, so sweet :)

  5. Hey, thanks for the shout-out! All this fabric is lovely, but I'm particularly partial to the birds-- that will be so cheery and fun in your kitchen!

  6. What simply divine fabrics! I love all your choices. And how generous of you to give up that gorgeous bird fabric for blinds ;) I don't know if I could be so unselfish