Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Renfrew Giveaway !

Hello party people

So, I hope you have all had a cracking week thus far ? Sorry I didn't get back to you at the weekend, I finished my latest project (another skirt !) and decided to crack straight on with another.  :-)    I should rename this blog

'A thousand skirts, one pattern'

Well, I have made each version slightly different from the last, adjusting the pattern each time, so I guess its ok to keep churning out the skirts?  My latest version is a tightly fitted indigo stretch denim number with a back vent (Thanks Sunni). I will share these 2 new makes with you, once I can get some pictures snapped (oh god, not more photos of me ! Bleaugh !)

It seems I am not the only person who has greedily sewn up 2 items at once ! Check out the lovely Gail and the 2 beauties she sewed up this week !

So - on to my belated blog giveaway.

Because I love you all so much I am giving away one copy of the Sewaholic RENFREW top.

You can see Tasia's here   :-)  she is just as cute as a button !

Friends, I have seen so many of these made up in blogland, it really does look very nice made up, and you can make it look so different ! I think my favourite version is Lladybirds, I DIE

All you need to do top be in with a chance is leave a comment, and provide your contact details if there is no link back to you. And, as I am feeling like summer is on its way and its time to fire up the BBQ I would love to hear your cocktail recommendations ! both non and alcoholic (the cocktail bit is not obligatory to enter, I am just NOSY !!) The winner will of course be selected at random. It would be nice if you followed my blog, but of course, this is not essential !

Closing date for entry is 18th April, 4pm UK time, and I am happy to ship anywhere on this planet (as long as it is possible !)

In other news I am going to join in the pyjama party over at Karen's place - are you ?

Big loves

K xxx


  1. Oops! Busted! I keep telling myself I don't need any more skirts, but I can't stop myself making them! And now I NEED to make the pattern you're making too!

    I wish I had time to do the pyjama party, but I've committed to a KAL that's taking up a lot of my time.

    So on to what REALLY matters: cocktails! My two favorites for summer are the Gin Gimlet and the Tom Collins (made with gin, of course!) The gimlet is super easy - equal parts gin and Rose's Lime juice. And here's my own recipe for a Tom Collins:

    1/2 oz. simple syrup
    1 oz. lemon juice
    1 1/2 oz. gin

    Mix these together in a glass, then top off with 4 - 6 oz. club soda. SO refreshing on a hot day!

    Can't wait to see your new skirts!

    p.s. Just wanted to say hi, but don't enter me in the giveaway - I already have this pattern! I should probably make it up one of these days!

  2. This pattern has definitely grown on me, after seeing so many nice versions of it online, so I'd like to try it!

    As for cocktails... It's Kentucky Derby season around here so of course I must recommend the traditional MINT JULEP, made of Kentucky bourbon, crushed ice, sugar, and fresh mint leaves. Many recipes and instructions online!

  3. ooooh renfrew! love it!

    Gin Fizz - gin, lemon juice, sugar, and carbonated water

    but i like to make it like this:
    place a slice of orange at the bottom of your glass, add ice, then gin, then orange juice, then sprite.

  4. Not a bit cocktail person - generally like my booze unmuddled (wine, beer and straight whiskey - ideally not together). But I'm sometimes partial to a caipirinha (spelling challenge # 1) - crushed ice, squashed quartered lime, sugar and cachaca (spelling challenge # 2). Then drink and pretend your on ipanema beach.

  5. The Renfrew is gorgeous every version I have seen is lovely.

    My favourite Summer cocktail is a Sea Breeze .

    2 parts vodka,
    3 parts cranberry juice,
    3 parts grapefruit juice,
    1 lime wedge and plenty of ice.

  6. Happy blogniversary ... Try caipirinha

  7. I already have the Renfrew, so if for any reason, my comment is chosen, re-calculate!
    But, I had to throw in my booze recommendation, of course :)

    Rose Gaarden:

    Hoegaarden Beer
    Splash of Lindeman's Framboise

    Mmmmm, so good and refreshing.

  8. I have been dying to get my hands on this pattern!

    But alas, I don't drink, so I have no cocktail recipes of my own to offer. However I am a great lover of Dr. Pepper, and a friend of mine tells me it's fantastic mixed with pineapple rum.

  9. Oh I would love to have a make of this too.

  10. Great giveaway! I just bought a few knits that would be perfect for this!

    I don't know many cocktails off the top of my head but, for summer, I'd recommend a coconut cooler: light rum, coconut milk, simple syrup, and lime juice over ice.

  11. Great giveaway! I've been very tempted to buy this pattern but my fear of knits has been putting me off, maybe it's time to face my fears!

  12. O and it's not really a cocktail but Amaretto with ginger ale is one of my favourite sunshine drinks!

  13. Lladybird's is my favorite too..if I had her body I'd make myself one just like it ;). For warm weather, I like cocktails that aren't too sweet so I can carry them around outside without being attacked by flies, so I tend to go for a good old gin and tonic with a bit of grenadine in it. Mmmm - Thank you for the giveaway!

  14. Great giveaway! Thanks for doing that! As for the cocktails, at home hubby is responsible for that, so I know no recipe! hehehe Caipirinha is very nice for summer, lemon, sugar, ice and cachaça!

  15. Thanks for the giveaway! The Renfrew has been on my sewing wishlist for a while. I don't have any cocktail suggestions, but I would recommend a refreshing glass of sweet tea for those hot summer days .

  16. Thank you for your wonderful drink suggestions ! Some sound fab, but to my American friends - what is 'simple syrup' ? I dont think we have it in the UK. Also - thank you all for entering my little giveaway - I wish you ALL the very best of luck ! xx

  17. I would love a Renfew, what a nice give away.
    I am not from the US, but you can make simple syrup by adding 1kg of sugar to 1 litre of water, stir over medium heat until the sugar dissolves, then allow to stay at a rolling boil for 5min. Cool, then use for cocktails, or to make fruit sorbets - delicious. In Australia it is called sugar syrup, I'm not sure what you call it in the UK.
    I like lemon lime and bitters as a summer drink, not really a cocktail. Juice of 1 fresh lime, chilled fizzy lemonade with a few drops of Angostora bitters, garnish with a slice of frozen lime with the edge dipped in white sugar.