Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Installing a zipper

Hey there,

So today Mr P and I got back from Amsterdam and I had a sudden need to share with you how I installed the zip on my new Frankenstein skirt.

(I will share some pics of this skirt (and jasmine together - girlfriend made herself 'an outfit') - I am just waiting until I get home and it is light enough to snap some  - but I am super pleased and cant wait to show (off) and tell)

I sewed the zip in the skirt a different way this time, and its left a look which I much prefer. Here is how I did it (for my own reference as much as anything).

  • I marked on the skirt where I wanted the zip to end (as seen on the outside of the skirt), and then I basted to that point with my machine. 
  • Then I cut the thread, lifted the needle, and changed the stitch size back to normal and started to sew (including backstitching) a couple of millimetres away from where my basted stitch ended (but following the same line). 
  • Then I finished the seams on my serger.
  • I then pinned the zip to the seam allowance and sewed from the bottom up on each side (only stitching the zip to the seam allowance here so the stitches wont be visible on the outside).
  • I then pressed the zipper flat and hand sewed the zip and seam allowances to the skirt using tiny prick stitches. 
  • Then I ripped out the basting stitches.

You can barely see the stitches - it looks awesome ! And it is super strong as the zip is anchored into the seam allowance.

I always have trouble with zippers, I can honestly say this was the least painful way to install one and I will be using this method everytime I can ! (I guess it does not hurt that I enjoy sewing by hand).

The only bad thing is that now I have shedloads of study to do,and its super busy at work and I fear there may not be that much sewing time to be had over the next few weeks !

Dang it ! Cos I am already pretty excited about what I may sew up next. These are my thoughts for next projects in no particular order.

  1. Sencha in white with red stars fabric and red ribbon neck tie.
  2. Jasmine in white cotton fabric peppered with some small blue and green flowers.
  3. Another Frankenstein skirt but in crazy happy large floral print fabric (it will be my third !).
  4. Jasmine in white cotton voile patterned with a burgundy red abstract circular print (which I think will look ACE with my brown skirt).

And this is just for starters ! PHEW ! I need a sit down !!

Come back again sometime and see how I am getting along   :-)

In other news I am hoping to post the patterns from my last give away at the weekend - so sorry its taken a wee while, I not been able to make it to the post office - but they will be with you next week !

K xxx


  1. I thought I was the only one who enjoyed hand sewing! Glad to know I have company!

    Can't wait to see your outfit, and ALL your next projects sound so pretty. I'll be looking forward to seeing them!

  2. Sounds like a great method for installing a zipper! I'll have to give that a try! I have to admit, I'm not very confident in my hand sewing abilities, but I like the sound of using small stitches. Thanks for sharing!