Saturday, 17 March 2012

Brown and out

Hello people

Well lookit here - I have managed (finally) to snap a few pics of my new skirt and as a bonus I have snapped both my Jasmine and new skirt as an outfit. I managed to complete both of these items in February, and am pretty darn pleased with myself.

That's right people, girlfriend only went and made herself an 'outfit'.

Yup - I am coordinated and everything.

Yes that's right - I am a 'model'.
But please excuse the flipped out facing ! Doh !

Look down darling, look down !

Peaches the cat wanted to get a taste of what it is like
to be a 'model'.
Shame about the thunder box.

If I look at this bow long enough
will I find it easier to sew next time ?

My Jasmine could so have been an orphan

Warning !
Staring for too long makes your eyes go funny.

so I made a brown linen pencil skirt to go with. I used the (now found) skirt part of the pattern V8630, with some changes.

Its alive ! Its a Frankenstein skirt (version 2) !

ooooo the delectable mint aero skirt.
All the enjoyment, 0 calories.

I firstly lengthened the pattern by 2 inches, and then I tapered in 2 sizes at the bottom to get more of a defined 'pencil' look. I am super pleased with the end result (although I think next time I need to shave a little from the hips), and already have the fabric for my next version (which I am working on now).

I interlined the brown linen with green voile

Sweet like chocolate.

and I serged the inside seams; I also used some lace to pretty up the hem inside. I used my self drafted waistband because as this skirt forms 50% of a dress the pattern does not provide one.

Although the inside does not look coordinated -I am IN LOVE with the overall effect and neatness of it. I LOVED catch stitching the lace to the hem. How sad am I ?

Happy catch stitching !

Look inside my pretty.
I used the zipper insertion method I told you about in my last post and I am pretty pleased with the results !

1 happy zipper.

Now, I know that I am not supposed to like hand sewing, but I do, and I like something else taboo too ! I like to see stitching at my hem, so although I carefully catch stitched my lace trim, I top stitched the hem of the skirt with 2 (visible) bands of stitching !  You know what - that's what I love about sewing, I am the artistic director and I can make my clothes exactly as I like ! Yipppeeee !!   :-)

I also bought some lovely fabric

Floral furnishing fabric makes me happy to wear.
which I am going to use to make yet another (Frankenstein skirt :-)) the only problem is I have very little time at all at the minute - I am pretty busy with work and my degree and running a house and am finding little time to do anything but work, eat and sleep. I hope you will forgive my absence of late, and I hope to catch up with all of your gorgeous blogs today.

In other news, at the end of March it will be one year since I started this blog after being inspired by so many of you people out there. So I want to give something back, obvs, and will be hosting a little give-away at the end of the month to show my appreciation for you lovely lot  :-)

Happy Saturday people, and I hope you all are having a fabulous weekend.

K xxx


  1. I love the whole outfit! Worth the wait to see it! And totally digging those shoes :-)

  2. Thanks ! The shoes were the starting point of the outfit, the clothes were made around them ! I must admit that I am super pleased with the whole ensemble :-) I am loving your recent makes too ! xx

    1. I like how you think, girlfriend!

  3. I love the whole outfit too! Very chic. ;)

    1. Hi Angie :-) Thank you for stopping by ! I cant tell you how much I love this outfit, you certainly cant beat being able to choose your own fabrics when planning an outfit. Thanks so much for your comment xx

  4. You looked very pleased with yourself-and you should be! Fantastic! I'm finding separates are my favorite to sew, too. Oh, and those SHOES are fabulous!

    1. Hi :-) I feel V pleased with self ;-) I really love how the whole outfit came together. It makes me look 'well planned' for a change as I usually look just like someone fired a clothes gun at me !
      I feel especially happy today as I just sewed up something else this weekend which I totally LOVE. I love separates too, but I find I have to make a coordinating neutral to go with totally 'out there' fabrics ! :-) xx

  5. Ah, I love that chocolate brown!

    1. Thanks ! And the best thing about brown is that it goes with so many other fabulous colours. Its a wardrobe basic now and I reckon everyone should have one ! :-) xx

  6. I love the outfit and all the detail work you did, really looks nice, great job!

    1. Thank you :-) You know what, I am finding that the more I sew, the nicer I want the inside to look. And, I really enjoy hand sewing (I know !!) so it is even easier to get a lovely finish. And can I say thanks all for stopping by, and all of your lovely comments, it warms a girls heart, it really does :-) xx

  7. Really, really cute! Nice job! And it's so smart that you made a complete outfit instead of allowing your sweet Jasmine to hang in the closet alone and unmatched!

  8. Thamks Ginger ! I really had to make a co ordinating seperate as this fabric really would struggle to be matched well with anything ! Need to work on not buying fabric cos its pretty, and rather try to throw some purchases in which are functional !! xx

  9. Glad I'm not the only one who works an outfit around a pair of shoes! Makes total sense to me and boy what a gorgeous ensemble yours is. I quite enjoy a bit of hand stitching too. Have never finished a hem with lace to date or used a catchstitch but you have seriously inspired me to do so! I just love that pic of Peaches getting in on the action. She coordinates too, after all!

    1. Hey, thanks ! I am pretty happy with this outfit, and I wear the skirt loads, I find brown goes with so much. I love shoes and think it very sensible to have clothes to go with them :-) You should try the lace finish, it makes you feel well happy to know its there. I used a cotton ribbon finish on a recent project and I cant stop myself from flipping up the hem to take a peek and smile happily to myself, lol ! Peaches always loves getting involved and I may well rope her into future 'shoots', especially as she takes the heat of me xx