Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Pretty hems


I know it's been a while right ?! But even though I have not been posting I have still been keeping up to date with all your wonderful blogs !! And I have been doing even more sewing !!

As usual I enjoyed sewing a pretty hem on my projects and can share some of that goodness with you at least. I really MUST get round to posting up some pics, but hot damn !! I can't stand taking my own photos, I always feel such a benny !! (Apologies if your name is Benny, I am sure you are very nice :) and are most excellent at taking self portraits !!)

So in an attempt to revive my poorly blog I have found Instagram and have taken some snaps of pretty hems to show you :) (I did have some trouble with uploading photos so I hope this post works).

I was going to try a photo shoot last Saturday, but I tore my calf muscle (yes always something I know !!) so can only use one leg right now. The left one if you are interested ;) Not my finest hour !!

So without further delay, proof positive that I have been sewing up a storm !!

So a sneak preview of 2 of my recent makes :)

Now to get over my bad self and my aversion to self portraits !

See you much sooner than in another 6 months I promise.

Cheerio for now,



  1. Hi! Nice to see you here in bloggyland! Sorry to hear about your torn muscle-- that sounds AWFUL! Hope you heal quickly! Love the hem detail shots. :)

  2. Thanks ginger :) loved the crescent blouse btw, I know I didn't comment at the time but it was awesome :) your sisters work wardrobe is coming along a treat too !! Xx

  3. So, so glad to see you back, Kirsty! Now stop being self-conscious about the picture taking and show us what you got!

  4. Awwww thanks Jill !! :-) I didn't dare respond till I had posted a make :-))) done and done !! And I'm waiting to see some of your makes too ! I still LOVE that bombshell you made :-)