Friday, 28 June 2013

Before and after


I thought I would share with you one of the adjusted pattern pieces from the world famous Elisalex dress. Of course the pattern didn't fit my body right out of the tin, so I had to do quite a lot of work with paper, scissors and tape ;)

I must say I have made 2 of these dresses (not including various muslins) and am pretty happy with the fit. I'm hoping to take a photo of the dress later, as I'm wearing the second incarnation today :)

As you can see I had to do quite a lot of work to get even this one piece to fit !! Including an FBA using the directions on the 'By Hand London' site. It actually wasn't difficult to do, just time consuming. 

If I'm honest I added a little too much to the waist seams, so have shaved a little off for my third version, maybe ill take off more for the 4th !! 

I didn't make the tulip skirt, I'm just too hippy ;) so I have frankenpatterned the bodice of Elisalex with Gerties pencil skirt. It took a while but I'm super happy with the results. 

This floral version I am wearing today I just love. Such a flattering bodice (when it fits well :) ) 

Ooo I know I'm a tease !! If it wasn't pissing down with rain here (as usual) I would have snapped a pic ;) 

Mañana mañana 

K xxx  

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  1. Oooh, I'm so excited to see this because I'm contemplating making this dress. Actually, I'm wanting 3 of the BHL patterns, but since they're so costly to ship here I'm having a hard time pulling the trigger! So I keep ogling everyone else's creations!