Thursday, 27 June 2013

Beach huts and seagulls


I realised yesterday that it had been over a year !?! Since I had posted a picture on this blog !! And that was of me partaking in water sports !! Nothing sewing related !!

This sometime seamstress would seem to be very sometimes indeed according to this blog, which is crazy as I live and breathe sewing !! My love affair with it has grown, as has my output. My ability to change flat patterns to accommodate my frame has come along in leaps and bounds. But you wouldn't know that from looking at this blog.

Add to that my loathing of self photography and my move onto an iPad a year ago in May (for which I struggled to create a publishable blog post until I found the blogger ap yesterday !!) my little blog a log has been sadly lacking. 

This is not what I had envisioned when I started this blog. 

I can now write posts on iPad !! Hurrah !!

I can take little snapshots using Instagram !! Yay !!

I found out (finally) how to insert a photo into my blog post using iPad !! Stop the phone !!

So rather than be a bit of a chore, blogging has become fun for me again. Yes I know I need to post the finished garments, but I feel ready to tackle that, you just wait and see.

Also, just because I now know how, I am showing you some other cute hem trims that I am yet to use in a project. I have my eye on the grey seagulls next, how cute are they ?!?

Anyhow expect to see a whole lot more postings wise round these parts. And thank you for sticking with me. I didn't ever start this blog with the intention of being popular, but it is nice to know that folks care, and continue to show their support by reading my little blog a log.

And to thank you for this I will be hosting a couple of little give aways over the next couple of weeks. So check back for that, especially if any of the pretty trims above tickle your fancy :)


K xxx


  1. Kirsty!!!! I missed you! So glad you're planning on coming back!

    I *know* this is a sewing blog, but if you'd like to share how to add a picture to a blog post on the iPad, I'd be all over that! I just can't figure that device out!

    And I totally get what you mean about blogging sometimes feeling like a chore - I think everyone feels that way from time to time. My stance lately has been that I only post if I actually feel like it. Because I don't think anyone is sitting around saying, "It's 7:00 a.m. - where's Gail's blog post?!"

    Super cute trims - can't wait to see them in situ!


  2. Hiiiii !! It's awesome to post again, 3 in a week lol, I need a G and T !! :)
    If you meant that you needed help with the iPad blogging I will defo help you out, it's actually easy once you know how ! But super frustrating up until that point. Grrr
    I love these trims too, I'm making a dress and will use the seagulls for sure. Hopefully sometime you will even get to see them in action ;)
    And just for the record !! I am always eagerly awaiting your posts and super dooper pleased when my reader shows you posted :))

    1. Awww, you're so sweet! I was really excited when I saw your posts start to come up the other day too. Three in a week! If I were over there, I would totally join you in a G & T!

      Yes, I tried blogging once on my iPad, but I don't think I downloaded an app - I just did it from So I had a really hard time and never did figure out how to get a picture from my photo stream to the blog post! On my laptop I just put the photos on the desktop and import them to the posts from there - probably not the best way to do it, but it's easiest for me!

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