Tuesday, 28 October 2014

FO - Spring greens

Yes I know that its almost as far away from spring as you could possibly be here in the Northern Hemisphere, but I didn't get my camera out in time when this dress was fresh off the production line (maybe 6 weeks ago ?)
Oh well.

How about a nice slice of happy clothing with your winter instead ?   :-)

(Damn that hair and makeup department always on strike when you need em !)

When I was sewing this dress up (Emery bodice, pleated skirt FYI) I was thinking 'oh myyyyyy this is HIDEOUS). But actually, I think its my favorite dress - and I wear it often. Its the kind of dress that makes you feel happy when looking at it - and SUPER happy when wearing it.

I really have got the bodice to fit just as I like now, so I can see many more of these dresses in the future. I love dresses, so easy to throw on and look like you made an effort.

Winter never frightens me either as I just wear thicker cardigans, slips and woolly tights !

Please forgive these photos - the quality of them is as bad as the backdrop ! But this was the lightest part of my home at 11.30 this morning and beggers cant be choosers - right ?  :-)


  1. Love it! Great fabric, and looks like a great fit as well. :-)

    I'm with you when it comes to winter - just add tights, boots, long sleeved tops layered under dresses, and warmer cardigans, and all is good! :-D

  2. Hi macskakat :-) Thanks for your kind words. I must admit I am pretty dang happy with the fit now, and so its easy to churn out these dresses like nobody's business. I am going to try something new soon, and will probably use the Emery bodice a bit like a sloper to see where I need to change the pattern to fit me.
    Yay for dresses in winter !! I hate trousers - but luckily I know I feel warmer when I have a dress and all the accouterments on than I do when I am wearing trousers. Winter love :-) x