Friday, 24 October 2014

FO - inspiration dress

I finished my inspiration dress.

Obviously no where  near as lovely as the real dress, but I am super happy with it.

Its getting dark and cold so I wont really be able to wear it until the spring, but I am wearing it today because, well, you know, its a new dress.

Not sorry for the headless photos.
I'ts rare that I get the inclination to stand in front of the camera to photograph finished items, so I just went with it. As it happens both hair and makeup were on strike today - win some, lose some :-)

I am pretty happy with this dress. Its an Emery bodice with a pleated skirt - IMO far more flattering on a larger tum than gathers.

Lets hope the inclination to model arrives pretty soonish as I have so much to share - and I would like a record of my makes, if nothing else.

Well, I am off back to the sewing machines as they are all set up and ready to sew - and I have a day off  :-) I intend to spend it eating home made marmalade, sewing and watching Poirot. Bliss.


  1. Just lovely. I love it with the red cardi too. Who knows - maybe you'll end up crocheting a cardi for spring?

    1. Thank you Gail :-) Oh my ! I would love a crochet cardi - I think once I feel more confident with all the different stitches I will give it a go. Watch this space ! x