Saturday, 10 May 2014

I'm in love

Ahhhh those heady first flushes of a new romance. Your heart sings, you have a permanent smile on your fizzog and your productivity soars. 

Meet my new love (sorry Mr P - but don't worry, you are still number 1!)

I can't tell you how much I love my new (old) machine - swoon.

I have wanted this baby for - EVER, but no way could I afford one :( wayyyyyy to expensive ! But ! I trawl eBay now and then, in the hope one would come on. A few weeks ago I was just minding my own business on eBay, as you do, and this popped up ! It had like 20 mins left and was on for more than I could afford, but there was a 'make me an offer' button. I looked at the item history and there were like 20 previous offers...... I was wondering if it was even worth adding one to the pile. I took a deep breath, offered as mush as I could without having to worry about bankrupting myself, and held my breath.

Well you can guess the rest, seeing as she's sat right in front of me ;) 

I really really really couldn't believe he accepted my offer, and with minutes to spare - the machine of my dreams was to be mine ;) literally half the price of a new one, and came to me after a full service. 

This is my second machine from eBay, my first was my serger - and fingers crossed I have never had any drama with either. There are decent honest sellers out there, I'm happy to report :) 

Anyway this machine has turned me into super stitcher. I have made no less than 5 dresses since I got her, and after practicing with the button hole maker, I'm looking forward it making some tops. My singer just didn't cut the mustard with button holes, for some reason it could never go through the fabric, and each time I tried it just left a hot mess (me !) and a very angry looking button hole. 

Even Mr P was excited by the new heavy machinery in our house, and couldn't resist putting his foot on the accelerator. I might get him to set up a blog, so he can show off his makes ;) 

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