Sunday, 27 April 2014

Still sewing :)

Feeling the love for Emery right now :) when it's finished later today it will be number 2.

did make a bunch of changes to the pattern - raised the arm to hide bra straps ;) lengthened the bodice a smidge, created a pleated skirt, pinched out excess gape around neck and removed armhole gaping created from having a large bust. As usual I didn't put in a zip (not sorry !) as I never use zippers In shop bought dresses as I always just pull em on over my head. If I'm not going to use it then there is no point in having it as far as I can tell. ;) 

I'm such a bad blogger.... Since my last post I have made : (and this is more to remind myself !)

2 x Anna dress
1 x Anna and Gertie franken dress
1 x boiled wood pencil skirt 
1 x boiled wool simplicity 2451 skirt 
1 x green cord simplicity 2451
1 x Emery dress (second to be finished today) 
3 x Elisalex bodice/Gertie pencil skirt franken dresses
1 x red Gertie pencil skirt

Out of the above list I wear regularly : 

The 2 boiled wool skirts
The green cord skirt
The 2 Anna dresses
The Emery dress
3 x Gertilex dresses

would like to get some pics up at some stage - I have a week off in a weeks time, so maybe I can get something photographed then :) 

This is when having a blog is awesome, to remind it's owner what they liked and what worked, and what didn't. 

I am also trying to delve into new patterns and shapes. I didn't use the emery pattern skirt, I have been playing with pleats instead, which seem to be more flattering on my curvier figure than a whole load of bunching up on the waist from gathering. It's feels odd though I must admit, having extra fabric in a skirt - which poofs around me, (in a not unpleasant way), when I sit down. I have found the Anna gored skirt very flattering and it's a shape I shall revisit someday soon, once my affair with Emery has ended.



  1. Kirsty! I've missed you! So glad to know you're still sewing :-) Mmmm, leopard-y Emery! We must see this dress in its entirety!

  2. Leopard?!?! Fantastic! I'm with Gail- I really hope you post more photos of this dress! Hope you've been well!

  3. Hiiii :) thank you both for your lovely comments :) I will most definitely have to get a snap of this dress up as I absolutely love it :) you guys have been making some pretty spectacular garments of late too ! Now to get over my camera phobia haha ;)

  4. Kirsty, you are so funny! I think I followed a link from gingermakes to get here, and I'm glad I did. Can't wait to see what you come out with next. You're making me realise how much I need to find myself a serger!

  5. Hi Kate :) thanks for stopping by. Ooo yes get yourself a serger, they are so amazing for finishing, and I got mine cheap from eBay ;) I have made 2 more dresses since this post - I really really really need to get em snapped and posted - but I am useless !! Haha Happy Saturday x