Wednesday, 7 August 2013

FO - Gerties pencil skirt (again !)

But this is the last one for a while....

Unfortunately I don't wear it !

In the fabric shop the colour of the fabric was a beautiful teal. When I sewed it up its was bottle green and looks like a school skirt ! How the heck does that happen ?!?

Plus I usually like natural fabrics, but this baby is definitely flammable. I was forced into buying it for its beautiful colour. Which then turned somehow into a school skirt.

Epic FAIL.

Ah well you live and learn.

I learnt for the second time how to hand sew a button hole. I also learnt how to perfectly match a button.
I continued to hone my hand picked zipper application.

Ugh ! Its hurting my eyes.


  1. Oh no! When I first saw the picture, I though "Teal skirt - awesome!" It really looks teal on my screen. What a bummer that it doesn't in real life. It looks great on you though - any chance of over-dying it?

  2. Weird, looks teal to me as well. Strange how different light can change the look. Well, it's still a lovely skirt, and with the new techniques learned, it's a winner, right?

  3. Still looks good, and very well made by the looks of it :-)